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Infant anemia. Causes and treatment

Infant anemia. Causes and treatment

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Our son has anemia when your body doesn't make enough hemoglobin (present in red blood cells). In most cases, it is due to an iron deficiency.

But what are the causes of a child having low iron? Does it have to do with your? And what is the treatment that will have to follow? Here we give you all the keys so that you learn to prevent this disease.

When the child has low iron, it may be that your diet is not correct. In fact, this is the most common cause of childhood anemia worldwide. Your diet may not include enough foods with large doses of iron, such as legumes, spinach, or red meat. But there are also other causes of iron deficiency, among which are:

- Your body is not able to absorb iron even if you are consuming it.

- Rapid growth (especially in the first year of life), a period in which the body needs more iron.

There are many misunderstandings about foods that provide iron. For example, cow's milk does not provide as much iron as many people think. What's more, it can become a cause of childhood anemia.

Without a doubt, during the first months of life, the best food for our child is breast milk (minimum during the first 6 months). In addition to providing essential nutrients and defenses of the mother, we will be offering you iron that is easier to absorb. If you cannot feed your baby breast milk, pediatricians recommend opting for iron-fortified formula milk.

From one year on, children can start drinking cow's milk, but there are other foods that provide much more iron in their diet. For example:

- Red meat (beef, rabbit, liver ...)

- Raisins

- Fish (such as whiting)

- Legumes

- Crustaceans (mussel, clam ...)

- Vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, spinach and kiwi

- Yolk

Iron of animal origin is the best absorbed. And although it may seem strange to us, there are spices that contain a lot of iron and instead are the great ones forgotten when cooking for children. For example. thyme, dill, cumin, oregano and bay leaf.

The first thing your pediatrician will tell you is to change your diet and include more foods high in iron in your daily menu. He will also tell you to increase the dose of foods with vitamin C, because this vitamin helps the body absorb iron better.

He can also prescribe an iron supplement in the form of drops. Its flavor is not very pleasant, so the pediatrician will tell you how to 'camouflage' it, for example, with natural juices with a high content of vitamin C.

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