Why you should be glad to have a curious child

Why you should be glad to have a curious child

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Children are curious from a very young age. It is something innate. It is the motor that encourages them to 'move', that provokes them and that stimulates them to have the necessary interest to learn. For that, and for much more, you must be glad to have a curious son; one of those kids who don't stop asking questions and exploring.

Although children are curious from the earliest childhood, the external stimuli that the child receives from their environment will also be of great help, so parents and educators will have the mission of stimulating the curiosity of the little ones so that they enjoy the benefits in their learning.

According to recent studies, it has been concluded that curiosity, in addition to facilitating children's learning, also improves the memory of what they learn. That is to say, benefits learning as follows:

- When the little ones are curious to know the answer to something that interests them, they'll be better off finding out.

- When curiosity is stimulated, activity in the area of ​​the brain that is related to rewards increases. It has been shown that when the child is curious, the areas of the brain that are involved are activated in motivation.

- In children who are more curious, greater activity is reflected in the hippocampus, an area of ​​the brain with great relevance in formation of new memories.

The adults around the child are essential in the task of stimulate children's curiosity. If the little ones are curious, they will be predisposed to learn, to get involved in tasks and to put all the effort in achieving their goals. Thus, their learning will be more natural and easy for them.

Therefore, adults can facilitate that child's curiosity by following some of these guidelines:

1. Let the child explore
Many adults do not let children investigate their surroundings because they are afraid of hurting themselves or breaking something. But if the adults accompany the little ones in this activity, supervising from a distance, giving the child freedom, asking him every time he discovers something, etc., curiosity will be very beneficial.

2. Be an example
By being the 'mirror in which they are reflected', parents have to set an example for children to learn. That is, if we want children to be curious, we will have to be adults too.

3. Allow me to ask all you want
There are many children who ask all the time, and about everything. They are often confused and labeled as nosy kids. But far from this belief, it is important to encourage children to ask all the things they want to know. This teaches the little ones that nothing happens because they do not know the answer to all things and that if they do not ask and are not curious, they will not be able to find out what interests them.

4. Don't give answers the first time
When he asks, you should not give him the immediate answer. Letting him discover things for himself and give him the opportunity to make mistakes builds his curiosity, self-esteem and motivation. That is, your learning benefits.

5. If the child likes something, let him do it
Adults must support the interests of children. For example, if the child likes to draw, adults should provide him with paintings, canvases, that he goes to classes, etc.

6. The game
Playing is a great motivational tool and a natural mechanism that arouses the curiosity of children. It is pleasant and allows children to acquire skills to function in the environment. Playing riddles, repeating tongue twisters, telling jokes or reciting poems will be fun activities that stimulate children's curiosity.

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