Mental disorders

Let's take care of children's mental health

Let's take care of children's mental health

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Between 10 and 20 percent of Spanish children suffer from some type of mental disorder and many of them are unidentified. There are still shortcomings as many people with mental illness do not receive social support or psychological rehabilitation.

Available figures show that in America, the majority of children in need of mental health care do not receive the necessary treatment. Speaking in economic terms, it is clear that the early treatment of children and adolescents can reduce the costs of care in later years as well as the social costs generated by the antisocial behaviors that can be a result of the failure of early treatment in childhood.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the celebration of this Day aims to sensitize the population about mental health problems. Its annual reminder is intended to help foster a more open debate on mental disorders and promote investment in prevention, awareness and treatment services.

Lack of treatment for mental and neurological disorders, and those related to substance use is enormous, especially in countries with scarce resources.

World Mental Health Day also wants fight against the stigma of social rejection. And it is that social rejection is one of the biggest scourges of mental health and they notice it. He World Mental Health Day wants to change society's fear of people with problems of depression, Alzheimer's, bipolarity or schizophrenia for clear information, which help integration of children and people with mental disorders.

And also, it is important to note that the impact on the quality of life of families is considerable. Bearing in mind that mental illnesses hinder the learning capacity of children and significantly interfere with the lives of the people who suffer from it and that mental disorders, as a whole, constitute the most frequent cause of disease burden in Europe, ahead of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, one thing is for sure, without mental health there is no quality of life.

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