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The most conceited mountain in the world. Short stories for proud children

The most conceited mountain in the world. Short stories for proud children

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Vanity is a negative quality that children must be taught to reject. We must make them understand that we must treat the people around us with respect, just as we would like them to treat us. Short stories for children, like this one, can help your child understand what it means to be arrogant and presumptuous and the consequences this behavior can have.

Its titled "The most conceited mountain in the world" and it is perfect for all the arrogant children who think they are better than others.

A mountain boasted of being the most beautiful and the best in the world. She was proud and conceited and they were all very fed up with his way of being.

The sea at his feet was especially angry with his attitude.

- Who does he think he is? - He said and was furious at times.

- You don't realize? - said the river and the prairie - its landscape without us would never be so beautiful.

- Why do you feel superior to everyone? - said the rocks.

Days passed and the mountain continued to boast of its beauty and insisted that without it, the world would have no meaning.

The clouds and the sun also listened every day, from the sky, to his spiel with great patience.

One day the sun rose in a very bad mood and, again, he heard the mountain say:

- I am the most beautiful, the tallest, the most, the most, the most ... And the sun became so hot and its rays shone so strongly, that caused a fire.

- Help, help! - Shouted the burning mountain turning very black.

The sea and the river thought they could come to their aid, and put out the fire in a moment with their waves; but they didn't.

The rocks thought they could go to their aid, and make a firebreak so that the fire would not advance; but they didn't do anything either.

Later, the clouds began to discharge water over the mountain, who felt immediate relief.

The mountain was black, ugly and desolate; but thanks to the clouds he had survived the raging fire that had accidentally caused the sun.

After many years it was recovering its beauty; but he never again boasted to others of anything. That day he had learned that everyone was different, that no one was superior to the other, and that each had their space in the world; And that was precisely what was leaving so beautiful and different landscapes in nature.

To check if your child has understood the message behind this short story, we suggest a simple activity based on the story you have just read. Reading comprehension It is a skill that children should practice and improve, as it is essential for studying at school.

Some of the following statements are true, while others are false. Will your child be able to figure out which is which?

1. The mountain thought that she was the best in the world, the most beautiful and the tallest.

2. To the sea, the river, the meadow and the rest of the elements of nature do not care that the mountain is so superb.

3. The sun burned the mountain willfully.

4. The clouds were the only ones who wanted to help the mountain when it was on fire.

5. The mountain, when it regained its appearance after the fire, she was so cocky again as usual.

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