Hyperactivity and attention deficit

The before and after in the life of a child after being diagnosed with ADHD

The before and after in the life of a child after being diagnosed with ADHD

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Pablo is a 7 year old boy. He lives with his parents, his older brother, his younger sister, and his pet. Pablo is a restless child, who does not stop and does not concentrate, but the most important and most serious: he does not know what is wrong with him. Pablo's story could be that of any child, but there is something that makes him different (or not): he suffers from ADHD, but he does not know it yet. You want to know the before and after the life of a child after a diagnosis of ADHD?

The moment when Pablo and his parents were told that the child suffers from ADHD was crucial for everyone. The life of this family changes completely, and it does so for the better, how could it be otherwise.

Before knowing anything, Pablo was often sad. His parents had to be on top of him continuously: if you do your homework, if you get dressed, if you brush your teeth, if you're going to be late for school ... They had to repeat everything a thousand times and he never finished it! that started!

Similar things also happened with his brothers. Pablo took their toys from them, did not return them or, worse, lost them! And, as his sister, who tells us the story of this boy with ADHD, says, "it was very difficult to play with him because he always wanted to do everything and he didn't share anything." And, something that made the little girl of this clan very sorry, they had to do their separate duties.

At school, his teacher felt that Pablo was not keeping up with the class, that he was distracted by anything, that he had a hard time concentrating, that he interrupted all the time and that he never finished his assignments. And with his companions the relationship was complicated, since Pablo did not respect shifts or rules and always sneaked in.

But one day Pablo went to the doctor: they diagnosed ADHD. At this moment, everyone around Pablo understood and understood what was happening to Pablo and ... his life took a 180º turn!

As Pablo's sister tells us in the video produced by tdahytu.es, now everything is different! Do you want to know what changes this 7-year-old's family has made to help this boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in your day to day?

- His parents have made a homework calendarSo Pablo knows what to do at all times. All well structured by hours and activities.

- Dose of patience, understanding and affection. If you're nervous, no one's anger appears! Now everyone understands and understands Pablo's situation, and he is happy. What they do is remind you of your tasks.

- In his class, he has gone from sitting at the end to doing it in the front row and so Pablo is not distracted. Also, his teacher explains everything in short, clear sentences.

- His friends teach him to respect the rules.

The result of all these actions? Pablo understands everything and everyone is happier!

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a disorder that affects different parts of the brain, what is understood as a neurobiological disorder. It is estimated that it affects 6% of school-age children worldwide and that its origin, in 76% of cases, may be linked to genetic factors.

This disorder begins in childhood and can continue to occur in adolescence and into adulthood. Pharmacological, psychological and psycho-pedagogical treatment is vital for kids with ADHD, but even more important is the message that with this video tdahytu.es wanted to convey to all of society: we must understand and understand what ADHD is to help these children have a fuller and more satisfying life. It's up to you!

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