Advantages and benefits of girls playing soccer

Advantages and benefits of girls playing soccer

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We are currently seeing how the Women's Football it is having a great boom and media coverage. It can be said that, although it seems difficult to believe, that he begins to close the distance with the men's soccer.

This is great news, considering that until recently, in society there were certain negative connotations to girls playing soccer, based on prejudices and stupid beliefs from another era. Know the advantages and benefits of girls play soccer!

If you have a daughter and one day she comes home and surprises you by saying that wants to play soccer, it is essential that you know that your little one will enjoy the following benefits, which I have divided into sports advantages and advantages socially emotional.

Sports advantages of girls playing soccer

- Improves endurance and muscle mass
Soccer, being a sport that practically focuses on the athlete's lower body (legs, hips and abdomen), makes them develop very good muscles to practice other sports such as swimming or cycling.

- Helps to keep fit
Like any other sport in which you have to keep a rhythm of training, rest and food, soccer helps your body stay in shape.

- Greater agility is acquired
Soccer concentrates most of the basic motor patterns, so it is very complete and that makes the person who performs it acquire a lot of agility. It combines movements, lateral movements, jumps, stops, balances and hits. All of them make soccer on a physical level a highly holistic sport!

- Makes you more cognitively awake
In soccer you face many stimuli that you have to control, therefore, it is a good sport to stay cognitively more awake. You must be in tenths of a second attentive to the ball, to the partner, to the space, to the field and to yourself!

Emotional benefits of girls playing soccer

- Promotes the transfer of values
Being a team sport, values ​​such as friendship, trust, solidarity, teamwork, responsibility and sacrifice are immersed in the activity itself. These values ​​are highly positive for the emotional and maturational development of girls.

- Promotes communication skills
In any team, and football knows a lot about this, you must communicate with your teammates, and you do it on the pitch, in the locker room, and off it. So it is very useful for this development, above all, to improve and promote communication effectiveness.

- Improves self-esteem
Soccer is a sport in continuous evolution. Seeing that you are learning more and more every day and that you are improving, makes you have a high level of self-esteem. And it is that we all need to have high levels of self-esteem to be able to face everyday situations or problems that we do not know how to solve.

Now that you know everything that this sport can bring to your daughter, don't say no to her and let her unleash this sport in which more and more girls want to participate! And is that the Women's Football it is more and more present in our society. It was about time, right?

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