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The shape of the belly of a pregnant woman

The shape of the belly of a pregnant woman

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I have a friend who is Venezuelan and who is experiencing her second pregnancy in Spain. She feels quite lonely, her mother is more than ten thousand kilometers away, as well as her friends. This has made me, with great pleasure, his handkerchief of tears. My friend has asked me the same thing lately: don't you think I have a small belly?

The truth is that by the 20 weeks of pregnancy that you are already, it does not look like you are pregnant, you just have a lump in your abdomen. She was very concerned about the well-being of her baby, she thought that her belly was not growing properly because there were hardly any changes in her physiognomy. Yesterday I saw her again, and a big smile lit her face, she had done an ultrasound and both the size and weight of the baby were totally normal.

On the other hand, my friend was convinced that she was expecting a boy, as her tummy was pointed, however, the ultrasound also revealed the sex of her baby: a girl will be born.

Grandmothers, tradition or popular beliefs, say that the pregnant women with round bellies expect girls, while the guts that are more pointed, house children. These beliefs, which may have been correct in some cases, are just myth without any scientific basis.

Doctors are clear about the shape of the bellies in pregnant women: each pregnancy is unique and the dimensions and shapes of the guts in pregnant women depend on different factors. According to gynecologists, nothing in the shape of the tummy detects the sex of the baby or the size of the baby, that is, large bellies do not have to accommodate large babies.

The factors that define the shape of a belly are:

- The weeks of pregnancy: the higher the gestational age, the bigger the belly. Two women in the same week of gestation do not have to have guts of the same size.

- Amniotic fluid: its amount in the uterus or the accumulation of gases in the pregnant woman can cause the volume of the abdomen to increase.

- Abdominal muscles: women with good muscle tone will have a smaller belly than a woman who has had several pregnancies and whose abdominal muscles have been strained several times or a woman with poor muscle tone.

- The physical constitution of women: women with wide hips will have a less voluminous belly than women with narrow hips.

Other factors such as the fat accumulated during pregnancy or the previous weight of the pregnant woman influence the shape and size of the pregnant woman's belly. In any case, obstetricians recommend relying on medical tests, in which the size of the baby is assessed in relation to the week of gestation, and not paying attention to the shape of the belly.

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