When Christmas comes. The happiest poem for hospitalized children

When Christmas comes. The happiest poem for hospitalized children

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Christmas is a magical time for everyone, although some circumstances can cause us to lose a bit of illusion and magic. This is the case of hospitalized children who, due to different diseases, such as childhood cancer, have to spend these holidays away from home.

To all of them and, to all their parents, we dedicate 'When Christmas comes', the most cheerful and beautiful poem. It is a hymn to happiness and hope so that the Christmas magic reaches every corner of your room and your hearts. We are with you champions!

Scared a little

has entered the hospital,

is sick with leukemia

and there they will heal her.

A large fir tree at the entrance

and listen to the carols

shortly after arriving.

excited children

and seeing her come in with her head down

They immediately called her.

'Do you want to come help us?

Put that chicken there

next to the pig and the farmer

and the old woman with the apron '.

A child in a wheelchair

and next to the baby Jesus

has left a Superman.

Everyone looks funny

it's a great idea!,

have a superhero there

it will make them overcome their evil.

'On this floor, they tell him,

we all have a fairy

without asking for anything in return. '

'When we are very tired,'

says another hairless girl,

we stay in bed,

But they give us candy!

while they teach him school,

between those four walls,

the imagination already flies.

'On Christmas Eve night,

they say with the face of rogues,

jumping dwarfs

They bring us quince paste. '

The little girl has smiled

shortly after arriving,

dressed in pajamas

it feels like one more.

they receive a lot of love

and so that they heal soon

all fill them with pampering.

Christmas is a magical time that invites you to send your best wishes and talk about your feelings wherever you go. What better way to do it by letting your imagination fly and writing beautiful poetry. It is a moment full of illusion and beautiful thoughts!

So in We propose you some poems for children that talk about Christmas and the feelings it causes us.

1. The three Wise Men
This beautiful short poem talks about the gifts that the three Wise Men made to the Child Jesus during his visit to the Bethlehem portal. It is a poem that children tend to like a lot because it talks about their favorite Christmas characters.

2. The King of Peace
A beautiful poetry that speaks of the birth of the Child Jesus and the peace that his arrival brought to the world. Being short, you can propose it to your child to learn it, as an exercise for memory. Later you can recite it to your schoolmates or closest family members.

3. Three donkeys go to Bethlehem
This Christmas poem is one of the funniest. Talk about the Three Wise Men who on their way to Bethlehem have lost their camels and have had to ride a donkey. Poor Three Wise Men!

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