Benefits of normal delivery for mother and baby

Benefits of normal delivery for mother and baby

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The World Health Organization is concerned about the increase in caesarean sections. According to their reports, they should not exceed 15%, and yet they are exceeded, especially in Latin America. In countries like Mexico or Brazil, one out of every two deliveries is by cesarean section. The reason for concern is that with cesarean delivery, the risk to mother and baby increases and the benefits of vaginal delivery for both are negated.

Vaginal delivery is normal or natural delivery. It is triggered spontaneously from a series of hormones, such as oxytocin, that send signals to the body to initiate the entire process of expelling the baby. Natural labor can also be induced by administering oxytocin externally. From this moment on, the body prepares: the cervix is ​​dilated To make way for the baby, oxytocin generates contractions to help him on his way.

However, everything that follows may be lost if the delivery ends in a cesarean section. Cesarean section is a surgical operation through which, the gynecologist removes the baby from the uterus without it having to pass through the birth canal. It is an operation and the mother undergoes a slower recovery in the following days.

Many pregnant women do not know the amount of benefits that normal delivery has for both her and her child. In addition to getting rid of a risky operation that involves stitches and a slower recovery, both she and her son will have experienced an unforgettable moment. In addition, the two will benefit from this moment.

- The mother feels more free. You can decide, help your child to be born. He is the protagonist and although he has been given an epidural, he will play a decisive role in the birth of the child.

- In normal delivery there is less risk to the mother. You lose half as much blood as in a cesarean delivery and the chances of uterine infection are lower.

- Maintains adequate blood sugar levels and helps the placenta receive more oxygen.

- You can be with your baby immediately. In the case of cesarean section, the mother has to wait for the scar to be finished stitching and it recovers before she can see her child.

- Hospitalization is less, about two or three days. In the case of cesarean section, it is usually about five days.

- By not undergoing surgery, recovery will be faster. You may have to endure a few stitches if you have an episiotomy, but the risk of wound infection is always higher with a C-section.

- When passing through the birth canal, the baby is impregnated with all the bacteria from its mother and these help you strengthen your immune system.

- During normal labor, the baby also generates hormones, such as adrenaline, which will keep him in a state of 'alert' in the first hours of life. In addition to providing energy and heat, will help you when you start breastfeeding.

- The baby sheds all the fluid from the lungs.

- Receives increased oxygenation. In the case of cesarean section, you are at greater risk of suffering respiratory failure.

- He meets his mother immediately, which favors milk production and strengthens the affective bond.

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