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Month-by-month pregnancy test calendar

Month-by-month pregnancy test calendar

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He pregnancy test has tested positive! !! Congratulations!! Welcome to the most special stage of your life. It is time to go to the doctor to take control of your pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy they are going to carry out several tests. Do you want to know which ones? Take note of this month-to-month pregnancy test calendar. The best, we tell you what each of them is for.

During the nine months of gestation ahead of you, your visits to the gynecologist and the midwife will be constant. The objective is both the pregnant woman and the baby are well and, in the event of any possible complication, react in time.

Many women are unnecessarily burdened because they do not know what the pregnancy test that correspond to each week or what is seen or detected in each one of them, so from We have reviewed your pregnancy to explain it to you in detail.

First month of pregnancy: Week 6 to 9
In the first visit to the gynecologist the doctor will confirm if it is a single or multiple pregnancy. Sometimes on this first visit you will already be able to hear the heartbeat of the fetus. I assure you that it is a unique moment!

The doctor will open your medical history. It will ask you the date of your first menstruation and the day you had your last period and, in this way, it will evaluate the estimated date of your baby's birth.

They will also ask you about illnesses, operations, or allergies. He will recommend the intake of folic acid and advise you on the besthealthy habits in pregnancy. He will also take your blood pressure and weigh you and you will have to do a blood and urine test and a cytology.

Third month of pregnancy: Week 12
You are already in the first trimester of pregnancy. It's time for the 12 week ultrasound. In this test, the doctor will take measurements of the fetus and will also test the nuchal translucency. It involves measuring the fold of the neck to rule out chromosomal abnormalities. This test analyzes the risk of Down syndrome, diseases and genetic problems.

Your baby will measure between 45 and 84 millimeters and will already have a defined shape with his head, trunk and limbs. By measuring from the skull to the rump, the gynecologist will be able to further refine the date of pregnancy.

Fifth month of pregnancy. Week 20
Morphological ultrasound and sugar test. In this test your doctor will evaluate that the development of the fetus is correct.

It is also the moment to make the call glucose test in order to rule out that you have gestational diabetes. It is a test in which you will have to drink a liquid with sugar and you will have to wait a while to repeat the test again.

Sixth month of pregnancy. Week 28
It is the moment when you can sign up for childbirth preparation classes in which they will teach you the phases of labor, they will tell you how to breathe and relax and they will answer all the doubts you may have.

We recommend that you attend this preparation, because you will go much safer and share your fears and experiences with other women who are living the same as you.

Attention! If you are RH negative, your doctor will give you a dose of gamma globulin to avoid any incompatibility at the time of birth.

Seventh month of pregnancy. Week 34
And you are in the third trimester. You will have to do a blood test in which your values ​​will be evaluated, hepatitis and toxoplasmosis will be ruled out, and your coagulation will also be analyzed and a rubella study will be repeated.

In the ultrasound, you will see that your baby has grown a lot and it is normal that it is already positioned downwards prepared for the moment of delivery.

Eighth month of pregnancy. Week 36
In the eighth month, you will have a test that consists of a vaginal and rectal culture to rule out that you have streptococcus agalactiae in your intestine, which can interfere with the baby at the time of delivery causing pneumonia. If it tests positive, don't worry because all you have to do is take an antibiotic. You will also have another ultrasound to see your baby.

Ninth month of pregnancy. Week 40
It is time to monitor your baby. They will connect you with probes that communicate with a device that will pick up the contractions of your uterus and the heartbeat of your baby.

They will place some ribbons around your belly to be able to record this activity. The machine will print all these data on paper, and you have nothing left to hold your baby in your arms.

Enjoy your pregnancy, despite the possible discomforts, because it is a unique experience.

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