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Advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy in winter

Advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy in winter

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Today many women can plan pregnancy according to work or personal needs. But the time of year in which we get pregnant and, above all, in what season we live the final stretch of pregnancy it is also an important factor to consider.

Spending the last trimester of pregnancy in winter has its advantages and disadvantages, so we are analyzing the pros and cons of being pregnant in winter. Now that we can choose when to have our baby, it is best to have as much information as possible.

The main advantage of spending the last trimester of pregnancy in winter is temperature. The summer heat can increase the discomfort of pregnancy, so the winter weather will allow us to forget about stress and sleep better. It is also a good time to continue practicing some physical exercise and not feel the exhaustion of weight gain.

Precisely another of the advantages of being pregnant in winter is that relief from the heaviness. In winter, fluid retention is less frequent and, therefore, its consequences are mitigated. The swelling of the feet and legs is less in winter than in the heat of summer and avoiding this discomfort can make the final stretch of pregnancy much more comfortable.

But the fact that the last trimester of pregnancy coincides with the coldest months of the year also has its disadvantages in forms of health risks, for us and for the baby. Colds and respiratory diseases are more frequent in winter and the possibility of taking drugs during pregnancy is greatly reduced. Medical supervision is very important before any setback in these last months of pregnancy.

Clothing is another of the drawbacks we encounter when pregnant in winter. Both for prices, and for comfort, pregnant clothes for winter will be much more problematic than in summer, a time that we can solve with roomy dresses.

As for babies born in winter, we find advantages and disadvantages depending on when they are born in winter. It must be borne in mind that babies do not regulate their body temperature, so you have to pay close attention to keeping them warm. However, there are those who think that babies born in winter become more resistant to the most common childhood diseases.

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