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Pilates method during pregnancy

Pilates method during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the woman experiences changes of a psychological and physical order. When it comes to the physical part, many women feel limited. The change in the body causes them to lose elasticity, and also maintaining posture is very difficult to achieve, as the pregnancy progresses. For this reason, it is very important to follow, from the first months of pregnancy, a specific physical activity for the gestation period (prepartum and postpartum).

The regular practice of exercises favors the healthy development of pregnancy, in addition to maintaining weight, strengthening the muscles, and stimulating the woman's blood circulation. The movements of the Pilates method, with the assistance of a competent professional, they meet all the qualities and requirements for a woman to have a healthy pregnancy and a smooth delivery.

Pilates movements can be beneficial for the expectant mother, helping her maintain good posture, alleviate some of the usual pains, and become more aware of changes in her body. The technique is applied according to the needs of each stage of gestation, and is subject to the energy changes that occur day by day.

As it is a light exercise program, designed to strengthen and tone muscles through gentle stretching, it allows cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strengthening, increased flexibility, and improved posture, coordination, breathing, and concentration.

Through the practice of the Pilates method, the pregnant woman You will get to know your body better and learn to 'listen' to its messages, thus better mastering your movements. Among the benefits of practicing the exercises of the Method during pregnancy, we can highlight:

During pregnancy:
- Strengthening of the abdominal wall, which will favor the expulsion in labor.

- Prevention of abnormal separation of the abdominal wall muscles.

- Decrease in the lumbar curve caused by the increase in size and weight of the abdomen

- Decrease in the tension generated in the muscles, through relaxation and stretching.

- Strengthening of the muscles of the legs, stimulating blood circulation.

- Strengthening the muscles of the arms to adapt the posture to the increase in weight and volume of the chest.

- Improved sleep and concentration

- Improvement of the respiratory mechanism due to better oxygenation of the tissues and the baby.

During the delivery:
- Benefits during childbirth. Shorter deliveries, fewer cesarean sections.

- Body awareness of postures during childbirth.

- Increased endurance, relaxation.

After delivery:
- Quick postpartum recovery, strengthening the abdominal area.

- Reduction of incontinence symptoms, improvement of circulation and constipation.

It is recommended to start practicing the Method when the discomfort of the first months of pregnancy begins to disappear, usually from the second trimester, and always with medical authorization. If physical exercises are performed, at least in the last months of pregnancy, probably the pregnant woman will not have risks of suffering from hypertension, lumbago, urinary tract infections, edema, varicose veins, etc.

The practice of the Pilates Method is absolutely contraindicated in some circumstances such as: hypertension or heart disease, premature rupture of membranes, premature labor, incompetence of the cervix or habitual abortions, bleeding, placenta previa, maternal diabetes, lung disease. In cases of hypo or hyperthyroidism, hyperthermia, anemia, extreme fatigue, uterine contractions or excessive obesity, it is recommended to practice the Method, from when it is previously authorized by the doctor.

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