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9 healthy habits during pregnancy

9 healthy habits during pregnancy

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How to live a healthier life during pregnancy


Especially after the first trimester it is necessary to adapt our clothes to the changes that our body is undergoing during pregnancy. To remedy the feeling of discomfort and tightness, wear loose and comfortable clothing, wear cotton underwear and bras that adjust to the new volume of your breasts.

Taking medication during pregnancy should be under a medical prescription if it is very necessary, however, the ideal is not to take any medication.

The reason is that the components of the drugs can reach the baby through the placenta, with the possibility of causing injury or abnormalities in its development.

Goodbye worries! Stress can reach your baby and this will have an effect on the development of the little one in the womb. Try to stay calm and maintain a healthy emotional state, through exercises such as yoga for pregnant women. Try it! It is a very good option to relax and release tension.

Rest is essential, but we know that during pregnancy it can be difficult to do it properly, especially when the belly has already grown, it is difficult to find the ideal position to sleep. To achieve this, rest on your left side, with a pillow between your knees slightly bent. In this position the great pressure exerted by the uterus is released and provides a correct supply of oxygen to the baby.

If you want to have a healthy baby, it is essential that you stop these bad habits 100%. Nicotine increases the chances of giving birth prematurely, or that the baby is born with a congenital malformation, or respiratory disease. On the other hand, drinking alcohol can affect the nervous system, kidneys, heart and other organs of the child.

It is extremely important that you consume folic acid during pregnancy, since it favors the process of cell multiplication, that is, it helps the production of tissues and the formation of the organs of the embryo and fetus. Taking folic acid reduces the risk of having a premature delivery, or that the baby has spinal problems, defects in the brain such as anencephaly or cleft lip.

Another great myth of pregnancy is not being able to exercise during it, for fear of harming the baby. This is false, since many exercises instead of harming can bring you great benefits. Relaxation exercises and stretching will help alleviate common aches and pains during this stage, such as back pain or foot pain.

There is a false belief that says that "when you are pregnant you have to eat for two". This is totally false, you simply have to eat the amount of food necessary to maintain good nutrition, without becoming overweight. Eating 5 meals a day in small amounts is ideal, as is consuming 2 liters of water daily.

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