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7 dangerous daily habits that spoil children's teeth

7 dangerous daily habits that spoil children's teeth

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More and more parents are becoming aware of the importance of take care of children's teethsince they begin to be seen, and that is to wear a correct dental hygiene It is the best way to prevent gum injury or tooth damage.

And when we talk about dental hygiene, we don't just mean brushing them three times a day, but also not using your teeth to open things. And it is not the only danger! Discover what bad daily habits can spoil children's teeth.

Biting the pen or scarf, eating sweets and sweets several times a week, not brushing your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day or abusing the pacifier are just some of the habits that harm children's dental health. Don't worry, avoiding them is easier than it seems.

1. Abusing the pacifier
According to dentists, the use of the occasional pacifier, that is, to sleep, before the little one is three and a half years old, does not do any damage to their teeth as long as there is no other pathology.

The bad habit that spoils children's teeth It comes when the child is allowed to use the pacifier on demand during the day, or to continue using it as an object of attachment or to fall asleep when he is almost four years old. The bite is misaligned, the jaw is molded forward, and the teeth may not line up properly. It should try replace the pacifier by another object of attachment, such as a stuffed animal to avoid these problems.

2. Thumb sucking
As with the pacifier, constant finger use can cause tooth problems for boys and girls. Here things get a little more complicated, since the suck can be removed at some point, the finger, on the other hand, can be used almost without realizing it.

You will have to talk a lot with your child and explain how and why he should stop sucking his finger so that, little by little, he will forget about it.

3. Bite the scarf
The pen while they write, the scarf, the sleeve of their sweater or whatever else is within their reach, since biting and sucking almost automatically is another habit that children between 4 and 7 years old tend to pick up. With this bad habit, you are more exposed to bacteria and put unnecessary pressure on your teeth.

The key is to talk to them and lovingly say phrases like 'Don't bite the pen, you're going to hurt your teeth' or 'Are you nervous and that's why you're sucking on your scarf?' As they grow, they will put aside this custom, but while they should be advised to prevent your teeth from being damaged.

4. Use your teeth as a tool
It seems that the little ones love to use their teeth as if they were any other tool. Surely it is not the first time you see your child trying to cut a piece of tape with his teeth, unscrew the cap of a water bottle or remove that piece of thread that has become loose on his shirt ... If you think about it well, we adults do it too.

This is another habit that affects proper dental health, since using teeth as a tool only favors the appearance of bacteria and problems with chewing and wear.

5. Take sweets several times a week
Following a healthy and balanced diet every day of the year is essential for the good physical and mental development of all children. Whims such as sweets or sweets are allowed, but only once in a while.

If you give them sweets several times a week, a juice packaged in the snack and other processed foods or those with high salt or sugar content, it only damages their oral health. Become aware of a healthy nutrition It is the task of the parents.

6. Brush teeth with a lot of energy or not do it well
"Brush your teeth by yourself, you have to learn." A phrase that we have all said to our children. Of course they have to learn to brush their teeth well, but it takes time, so letting them do it on their own, especially if they start to change the milk ones for the definitive ones, is another bad habit to develop. can easily avoid.

Clean your child's teeth at least in the morning and at night, if possible do it also after eating and having a snack, do not apply too much pressure and use a paste with fluoride (from 5 or 6 years old you can start to also use the mouthwash at night).

7. Grit your teeth at night
Many adults do it unconsciously during sleep and it is known as bruxism. However, there are many children who also have this bad habit. Either because their baby teeth are beginning to change or because they have been nervous during the day, the fact is that when night comes they cannot avoid clench or grind your teeth inadvertently.

It causes tension and pain in the jaw, wears down the teeth and makes them move more easily. You should consult with the dentist to evaluate your child and see if it is necessary to follow any guidelines.

You already know all the bad habits that spoil children's teeth and how to avoid them so no more excuses!

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