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Christmas sayings for children

Christmas sayings for children

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Sayings are popular phrases and sayings that have been passed down from generation to generation. They are part of popular wisdom and each one of them has a meaning that contains a lesson or moral.

In we have selected a series of christmas sayings so that you can teach your children and understand its meaning. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- At Christmas to the balcony, at Easter to the stove
It refers to the weather, sometimes in December the shy sun allows us to go out, but Easter arrives and the cold returns.

- At Christmas at home and near the grill
The winter cold makes Christmas live indoors.

- Who you see in espadrilles at Christmas, do not ask how they are doing
If you don't even see him wearing shoes at Christmas and he can only wear slippers or work shoes, he is not doing very well.

- If it's Christmas on Monday, you have to find riches
A popular superstition like the one that says that 'on Tuesday neither marry nor embark.

- Christmas on Tuesday, parties everywhere
It is a saying like the previous one where what prevails is the rhyme before the meaning.

- Garlic at Christmas, neither born nor to be sown
It is a saying of the popular wisdom of the field that says that during the winter it is not garlic season.

- New Year New Life
The new year brings with it new illusions, hopes and resolutions.

- From All Saints to Christmas, either rain or freeze
A saying that refers to the weather during Christmas.

- The rabbit for San Juan and the partridge for Christmas
It has to do with the culinary traditions of each of the calendar festivals.

- The sea bream for Christmas and for San Silvestre, the champagne
The Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner has a tradition of eating fish and opening the champagne to celebrate.

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