The best games to stimulate the skills of babies and children

The best games to stimulate the skills of babies and children

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Play is a fundamental and essential activity in the development of children. Thanks to this activity the little ones can express their needs. In addition, it allows them to explore and learn about the environment around them. Thus, he can receive the necessary stimulation to improve his abilities according to the stage of development in which he is. In we propose some games to stimulate baby and toddler skills according to their age.

The child evolves during its development, and in a parallel way, the game is also doing it, always adapting to the needs of the little one.

- From 0 to 2 years
The best toy for the baby will be another human being. During this period, he also discovers his own body, moves his hands, puts his fingers in his mouth, plays with his feet ... As he grows, his motor skills evolve and he begins to enjoy handling safe objects. Later, when he begins to crawl his environment becomes much more attractive and infinite to be able to play.

- From 2 years old
At this age, learning will be more complex and to achieve it you need your previous experiences. The child is developing his cognitive capacity: he begins to communicate through language, his way of thinking evolves. Regarding his motor capacity, the child better controls his body. Therefore, the game must enter a new stage in which the child seeks new experiences and other types of games.

- From 5 years
The children are of school age. This implies that children play with their peers, which endows them with other types of experiences. The game at this age is already shared and not in parallel as it happens from 2 to 4 years approximately. In this stage the symbolic game appears that allows them to express their emotions and play any type of role.

Children, through play, are able to develop multiple abilities and skills in different areas of development. This evolution will depend on the stage of development in which they are.

1. From the point of view of the motor area
Children will develop fine and gross motor skills. They will also coordinate their entire body. You can do activities such as: dancing with the baby in your arms, cradling him, putting him on his knees and moving him gently to the rhythm of a melody, when they have grown a little more take them on horseback, play with plasticine, fill and empty boxes with objects, etc.

2. From a cognitive point of view
They will develop their intellectual and concentration capacity through games such as puzzles, memory games, playing cuckoo, hiding objects and finding them, reading stories, using fabrics to hide, etc. Creativity can be developed through activities that use paints, stickers, colors, etc. From the age of 2, they will also begin to develop their imagination by incorporating it into their games, for example, when playing professions.

3. From the point of view of the socio-affective area
Children learn about emotions and regulate them for the day to day. For example, when they play at representing stories with puppets or doing theater they experiment with them. In addition, many games allow cooperation and teamwork to develop to overcome challenges.

4. The language area
From an early age the child communicates, first through gestures and through play, he acquires vocabulary that he expands until it becomes increasingly complex. Activities such as: singing to the child when we change or hold him, sing songs, imitate animal sounds, read stories, etc.

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