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Long and pretty. The 39 7-letter names for girls

Long and pretty. The 39 7-letter names for girls

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If there is a category of names that never go out of style and that are always trending, those are long names. There are parents who want to curl the curl more and do not settle for the length, they want it to have a specific number of letters! If you seek 7 letter names for girls, You have come to the right place!

Long names, such as 7 letter names, they are very powerful in both boys and girls. They are characterized by their sound and musicality and, in most cases, they provide distinction and elegance.

They are usually the favorites of more classic and traditional parents, because they remain in time and are passed from generation to generation. In fact, many couples choose them because it was the name of their grandfather or great-great-grandfather, and it seems to them a very affectionate way of paying a well-deserved tribute.

If the decision is half made and both your husband and you want your future baby to arrive for life a 7 letter name, We can assure you that it has a wide range of possibilities. Take your time because it will be difficult for you to decide.

We start this list with this 7 letter name of Basque origin. It means swallow, a bird loaded with a lot of symbolism because every year in spring, it makes a trip from Africa to different parts of the world.

Name of Italian origin, its meaning can be intuited, 'happy!'. In some languages ​​it can be found written with a single l. It has a lot of cultural significance: on the one hand Allegra was the name of the daughter of Lord Byron, an English poet, but this name also refers to the musical term allegro.

'Beautiful like a flower' or 'She who stands out above the rest' are some of the meanings attributed to this 7 letter name of Latin origin. Girls with that name will celebrate their saint on April 29, although there are several saints with this name and you can see other dates such as June 13 or November 11.

In addition to referring to the American continent, this 7 letter name Of Germanic origin, it contains a very powerful message in modern times: 'heroic princess'. Girls so baptized are said to be cheerful and feisty.

Isn't that a lovely long name? It means 'stranger' and its name is related to the unknown, something that will give your little one a lot of mystery. It is of Greek origin and its saint is December 4.

Many parents decide on this name, but in the end they end up shortening it to Bea. Sensitivity and kindness are the predominant features of the girls who bear this name of Latin origin which means blessed and the bearer of happiness.

Some sources indicate its origin in Italian lands and others, on the other hand, in German. As for its meaning, it is believed to be a sum of Belle (Beauty) + Linda (Pretty). His saint is May 6.

Argentina, Chile and Spain are the countries in which this name is most popular. Of Latin origin, it comes from Candelaria and means 'the one who illuminates or the illuminated one'. On February 2 they celebrate their saint.

It is the feminine variant of Carlos. It comes from the Greek, Karl, and means 'strong woman'. There are many parents who love this name, but it seems a bit long, so they change it for another option, Carla.

The origin of this name is Hebrew and comes from the word karmel, hence you can see it written with K instead of C. It means 'vineyard or garden of God' and refers to Mount Carmel, where the Jews used to go in Palestine to celebrate Saturdays. July 16 is his saint.

It comes from Latin and is a clearly religious name that means 'dear or love'. Girls with this name are said to have a great personality: proud and combative in character. On September 8 they celebrate their saint.

A very popular name, among other things, because Santa Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians, who celebrate their big day on November 22. It means 'little blind' because it derives from Caecus (blind) in Latin. Many people abbreviate it to Ceci or even Celia.

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Little has been written about the meaning and origin of this name, but we could say that it comes from Latin and that Celeste would be translated as 'the one that belongs to heaven'. February 5 is his saint.

This name refers to a city in the United Kingdom, so its origin is clear. Chelsea means "seaport".

It is a very feminine 7 letter name. It comes from the Greek and means 'pure, crystalline, transparent'. Cristal is very common in Chile, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. On January 19 they celebrate their saint.

It is a very feminine and elegant name of Hebrew origin, which has been a trend in different countries in recent years. It means 'justice of God', and that is why it is said that girls who are called by that name fight against kinds of injustices.

It is a universal name, used equally in Spanish-speaking and English-speaking countries. Of Latin origin, it has a very peculiar meaning: 'bean collector'. As data, its male version is Fabián and its diminutive, Fabi.

Of Italian origin, this name refers to a region located in the north of Israel. In masculine, Galileo refers to the Italian astronomer who built the first telescope in the 16th century.

Did you know that this name is a variant of Jennifer and Genoveva? Its origin is Celtiberian and it accepts several meanings: 'the one that is white and beautiful' and 'the white one among the Elves'.

This 7 letter name he is gaining more followers every day. Not being very well known, he becomes one of the favorites of future parents. Of Germanic origin, it refers to brave and fighting people. It is very widespread in Portuguese or Brazilian speaking countries.

'She who loves God' is the meaning of this name of Hebrew origin. Girls named like that are usually very leaders in their groups. You can find different acceptances depending on the language: Isabel, in Spanish; Isabella, in Italian; or Isabelle, in French.

The origin and provenance of Izaskun is clear: Basque. The history of this name takes us to the town of Tolosa, in Guipúzcoa (Spain). It can be written with m at the end, instead of with n.

It is a German name, derived from Josse, which means champion. It is a unisex name, so do not be surprised to find also children with this 7 letter name.

If in your family there is already someone named Julia, but that name you like and it catches your attention, here is a variant, Julieta, a name of Latin origin that means 'strong root'. Girls named like that are sensitive and idealistic.

Variant of the Greek Christine, means announced or follower of Christ. If you find it written like this, Kirsten, don't think it's a misprint, they are both accepted! Curiosity: it is a very common name in Scandinavian countries.

'Joy' and 'Happiness' are the two best known meanings of this 7-letter name for girls. It comes from Latin and there is no date in the saints that refers to a saint with this name, although countries like France have accepted August 18 as the day to celebrate her name day.

Or you can also say Lisbeth, Lisbet, Lizbet. It comes from the English Elizabeth and there are two possible meanings: one more religious, 'consecrated to God', and another more poetic, 'sweet as honey'. In any case, it is a 7 letter name for girls very loud.

It is a Basque name, which derives from another very popular one, Maite, and which means 'the beloved' in Basque.

This 7-letter name appears in the Bible under the name of Emmanuel (Manuel) and its meaning is 'God will be with her or God will accompany her'. People who bear this name are said to be very generous. They celebrate their saint on January 1.

'She who is good and merciful' that would be the translation of this name that comes from Latin and Hebrew and which has a lot to do with the Christian and Catholic religion. The girls who are called that celebrate their birthday on February 17.

Something that happens with other 7-letter names of this classification: Marlene is the sum of Maria, of Hebrew origin, and Elena, of Greek origin.

Popular name thanks to the American actress Marylin Monroe, is the union of Maria and Elina. Of Greek origin, it means 'the dawn'. The girls who bear this name are said to be sincere and constant.

It is a name of German origin, which is made up of two words "Math", which would be translated as warrior, and "Hild", as brave, hence, when it comes to finding a complete meaning to this name, we talk about that Matilde refers to brave and warrior women.

This 7 letter name It is related to outgoing girls with great personality. Of Hebrew origin, it means 'that which resembles God'. A variant of this name is Michelle and, in masculine, it would be Miguel.

It is a name, but also in some cases it can be used as a surname. It comes from Latin and means 'worthy of being admired'. Curiosity: it is a widely used name, especially in the United Kingdom since Miranda is the protagonist of one of William Shakespeare's plays, The Tempest.

In Latin this name is 'natalis dies', that is, its translation would be something like 'the day God was born'. Many people related to the Nativity. You may not know it, but Christmas in Italian is called Natale, while Natalia is Natalie.

Did you know that Olympia was the name that the Greeks used to define the place where they held their competitions? And that's where the name of the Olympic Games comes from. Olympia is said to mean 'shine', something that can spell a great future for your little one.

This name has French origin (and not Hindu as some people think) and means charm. When it comes to pronouncing it, it has a very sensual accent, but there are people who may have a problem with Sh and change it to Ch, take into account if you choose this name!

And we finish this classification with more than 30 ideas of n7 letter names for girls with Valeria, a very popular name in recent years due to the amount of famous and anonymous people who have chosen it for their offspring. It comes from the Latin term valere, which means to be courageous, strong and healthy.

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