Lullabies - Nana de Traposo to learn numbers in English

Lullabies - Nana de Traposo to learn numbers in English

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Counting little by little of this beautiful lullaby, your baby can learn the numbers, from 1 to 10, in English, and get to sleep more easily. Teach your young children the numbers in English while listening to soothing music for sleep. A precious Lullaby for young children.

Lullabies Learn numbers it is a lullaby with which babies can calm down at bedtime and learn the first 10 numbers in English. What are you waiting for? Play this video for your little one.

Through the videos of Traposo, mascot,children can learn to play guessing games, listen to jokes and laugh a lot. They will also be able to follow some tongue twisters, listen to children's stories, learn English, children's songs and much more.

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Video: Hush little baby - Lullaby in spanish - Sweet dreams for your baby (July 2022).


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