What the children of the New Year expect

What the children of the New Year expect

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Get better grades, stand out as an athlete on the soccer team, be the star of the ballet end-of-year performance or open up to make new friends.

Every year we can teach our children to set small resolutions and goals, which help them grow as people. And it is that not only adults we should have the habit of raising good resolutions for the New Year.

If we start from a young age, instilling this custom in our children, and we help them to fulfill them throughout the year, we will be encouraging them to make an effort, to feed their self-esteem when they see themselves able to overcome difficulties.

To begin with, we can set ourselves the common goal of create a children's agenda, that we can make with cardboard, fabric, paper, in the form of a notebook or calendar to hang on the wall. Highlighting the dates of the birthdays of family and school friends will help you to congratulate your loved ones on their special day and to be more detailed.

We can also indicate the dates of vacations and trips planned for that precious leisure time, which will make you feel excited about future plans. Jotting down the dates of your favorite sport games, exams or school excursions will help you anticipate events, organize yourself with your usual obligations and avoid leaving everything to the last minute.

If the purposes are aimed at making changes, it is important that it is your child who decides what he wants to improve or what he wants to achieve, without the parents influencing his decision or his reasoning. Your goals should come from your reflection, but they must be realistic. It is better to set one goal and achieve it, than three and leave them halfway.

For example, if what you want to achieve for the New Year is an improvement in personal aspects such as, for example, behaving better, being a better student, more generous or kinder, overcome shyness or start practicing a sport, you should choose for one or two goals nothing more.

Making an endless list of goals is impractical because your goals need to be accessible, doable, and achievable. It is more beneficial to choose only those that are truly necessary, desired and beneficial. When he's decided, it's you who can help him come up with a strategy.

To do this, you can encourage him to write what he wants to achieve and to place it in a visible place such as the cork board in his room, in the kitchen refrigerator, on the door of his closet or at the head of his bed. This way you can see it on a daily basis and keep your goals in mind throughout the year.

In December, the children themselves will be able to assess whether they have achieved what they set out to do and whether they have really worked hard to achieve it. Valuing their own effort helps children to be better people, to know themselves better and to know what they are capable of. Encourage them to set a goal for the New Year, it is the best way to motivate our children to fulfill their wishes.

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