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10 New Year postcards to print and color

10 New Year postcards to print and color

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Greeting cards or postcards with pictures for children to print and congratulate friends


Drawing of a nice and sweet little bear opening a surprise gift. Ideal for printing and coloring with children, and also to illustrate a greeting postcard for the new year that is coming.

Spend a fun time with your children, choosing the drawing that you like the most to paint with the children.

Print out this drawing and then color it in with the children to congratulate friends and family on the new year ahead. These are goblins around a greeting poster.

Children will surely love to color it and then give it to a friend, grandparents or other loved ones.

Bell on bell ...... this drawing of bells is ideal to illustrate a greeting postcard of New Year. At the same time it is a simple drawing to print and color with children.

Have a fun time with your children making new year greeting cards. You will have a lot of fun!

The new year is coming and there is no better way to start it than by congratulating our friends and family for it. offers us this snowman drawing for us to print and color with our children.

We are still in time to send the New Year postcards. This drawing will be a nice illustration for your New Year's card.

How sweet and tender this beautiful and friendly reindeer looks skating at Christmas. An ideal drawing to print and illustrate a postcard to congratulate friends and family on the new year that begins.

Print this drawing of reindeer on skates and congratulate the new year with your children. An original and unique postcard.

Print out this picture of a Christmas choir and ask the children to color it. You will get a very original and personalized New Year's greeting for friends and family.

A postcard to congratulate the new year in a unique way. proposes you a funny greeting card with lots of music.

A creative and original way to share your congratulations for the upcoming New Year is by making a fun postcard full of good feelings with this fairy drawing. To do this, you just have to print this drawing and then color it with the children.

A unique greeting for a unique friend or relative. How about?

There is no cuter and sweeter figure at Christmas parties than the snowman, right? For this reason, we have chosen a drawing of a snowman congratulating everyone on the new year that is approaching.

You just have to print this drawing and color it with your children. Surely you will have a great time preparing this beautiful postcard to congratulate your friends and family on the New Year.

We are going to start the new year with joy, with animation and many colors. What do you think if you print this drawing of balloons and with your children you color it with many colors? Friends, as well as relatives, will love to receive such an original postcard. You dare?

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