Why are there children who need tutoring for reinforcement?

Why are there children who need tutoring for reinforcement?

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Something that worries parents a lot is the academic development of their children. On many occasions, homework and study time becomes a time of tension and conflict at home. So many parents wonder why there are children who need private tutoring and if your child is one of them.

The first thing to analyze are the causes of these difficulties when studying and do their homework. We should not be guided solely by the test scores, but take into account other factors. Getting a 5 or a 6 does not mean they need support or help.

Something important is develop good study and work habits, and this is what you learn. Children are not born knowing how to study and therefore it will be essential to teach them. To create good habits it will be important that they have a quiet place for their study. In addition, they must be taught to create a good work routine, (when do I start doing homework, how do I do it, how do I organize myself, etc.), and to be autonomous and responsible with their tasks.

On the other hand, you have to analyze what are the difficulties our son has when studying, and this will help us to know if you need a reinforcement teacher or need something else. Knowing what the child's difficulty is will guide us about his needs and, in this way, choose the best way to help him.

It will be good to know if the problem is in a single subject, (English, mathematics ...), if it is difficult for you to concentrate, if it is a matter of lack of habits, lack of motivation ... Private reinforcement classes are a good option when children need a little boost in learning in some area that is especially difficult for them. In addition, they will benefit from teach them study strategies and tools. But they can also be an overload for them, therefore when choosing this option we must take into account what we want to achieve with it, what difficulties the child has and which academy best suits their needs and characteristics.

But what happens when even taking our son to an academy or private teacher he still has difficulties?

Sometimes these problems in the study are not limited to a specific area of ​​the academic field, but go further, extending to more than one academic and learning area, (reading comprehension, concentration, reasoning, etc ...), and it can even affect their self-esteem, their emotions, etc ...

This is where we must go beyond the tutoring teacher or the academy to do homework and consider the need to consult with a professional to guide us and advise us, since sometimes, behind our children's school problems, or their lack of motivation or lack of desire, there is a learning difficulty for which only reinforcement classes are not enough.

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