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Top 34 3-letter names for girls and their hidden meaning

Top 34 3-letter names for girls and their hidden meaning

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Choosing your baby's name is an important decision because it will accompany him for the rest of his life. If you are expecting a girl and you only have one thing clear, let it be a short name, we have a list with the best 34 3 letter names for girls.

Put a short name of, for example, 3 letters has a lot of advantages for your girl:

- When the little girl begins to pronounce her first words, it will be easier for her to learn it.

- The same will happen in their first years of school, and it is not the same to write Ana as Alejandro.

- Another good thing about the 3 letter names is that they fit very well with short surnames and, also, that with long ones they are not very ostentatious.

- At one point, 3-letter names for girls look great with a middle name and form a compound, for example, Ana María. This solution is perfect if mom and dad can't reach an agreement or have doubts.

The short names They are very fashionable, because they have a very international air. If you want to create a trend with your girl's nickname, take note of the 34 best 3 letter names for girls. We have placed them in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to locate them:

Topping this list is this unusual 3-letter name, and thus very original. Of Hebrew origin, it means God has ordained you. The girls who wear it are said to be sensitive, personable and highly autonomous.

There are many historical figures with this name: the mother of the Virgin Mary; Ana Bolena, queen consort of Enrique VIII of England; or the Russian poet Ana Pavlovna Barykov. It has a Hebrew origin and means beneficent, compassionate and full of grace. A curiosity: do you know that it has a male version? Ananines.

It comes from the Arabic. Ara is closely related to another name, that of María, and that's where Mariana comes from. August 15 or September 6 is his saints.

Etymologically, Amy means person who is loved by all, something that makes her a name that many parents weigh for their daughter. It comes from the Latin Amandus.

It is a very popular name in the United States for actress Ava Gardner, but due to its simplicity and musicality, it is very fashionable in the rest of the world. Its origin is Hebrew, it comes from the word chavah and means life.

Short for Beatriz, this original Italian name means happy woman. A traditional and elegant name perfect for any girl who never stops smiling.

You can find this name written with two dd, Edda, but in many regions it has been Spanishized and you will see it with a single d. It has Germanic origin and its meaning is related to victories.

The A
Although we find it strange now, this 3 letter name it was very common until the 14th century. And as the traditions are recovered, it begins to rise positions in those preferred by the parents of the 21st century. It is of English origin and means the noblest.

He and
The anecdote of this name of Hebrew origin is that it can be used for a boy and a girl. So if you like it, but until the last moment you don't know the sex of the baby, it can be a great option. It means the sublime.

'Woman with great strength' is the powerful meaning that this 3 letter name which can be considered relatively recent. Its origin is Germanic.

'That which life' is the main meaning contained in these three letters, but there is some more. According to the Bible, it is the oldest name and has three variants: Evangelina, Evelyn and Evarista. People named like that are characterized by being very feminine.

It comes from the Latin Ivonis and the history of this name is related to that of the yew, a sacred tree from which the Celts obtained the wood to make weapons.

Its origin is very exotic, Hawaii, and it means sea or ocean. It can be used for both girls and boys and is associated with people who are altruistic and dedicated.

His male version, Leo, is better known, but this 3 letter name is gaining followers in recent years. Its meaning is that which is impetuous, bold and courageous. Do you need more clues?

I read
It is a Chinese name that, although it can go alone, generally in Asian culture, where it is very popular, is accompanied by another name. It means thunderous or thunder.

If you like this name, when you discover its meaning you will end up falling in love: bearer of good news. Of Hebrew origin, it is a very common three-letter name in Italy.

Its origin is not very clear: English, Celtic or Chinese? Hence their meanings vary: lake or the beauty of the waterfall, in Celtic culture, or forest, in China. In any case, it is a simple 3 letter name.

It can also be written with Latin i, that is, Lis. This name refers to the lily flower, typical of the French monarchy in medieval times. In English countries, Lys is an abbreviation for Elizabeth.

This name is related to the Moon, in fact some consider it to be an abbreviation of it. Its meaning is what shines or what shines, so surely if you baptize your daughter with this option, she will be very lucky in life!

Of Latin origin, it is closely related to the 3 letter name previous. It means 'the one that gives clarity' and has a lot of variants: Lucy, Luzmar, Luca, Lucida ...

This female name of English origin can also be written May, which would be a derivation of Mary. It means beloved of God or eminent.

If you live in a coastal area or are a beach lover, this 3-letter name is designed for you and your daughter. Of Italian origin, she is the patron saint of all sailors and associates with cheerful and optimistic girls.

This name, written without accent in countries such as Germany, England or the United States, has a Hebrew origin and is derived from Mary, therefore it has a very religious meaning: the chosen one or the one loved by God.

To find its origin we have to go to Africa, where we will find two different meanings: lustrous' and purpose or goal. It has two variants, also 3 letters, Nya and Nea.

Some people get it wrong with Nora, but it has nothing to do with it. In recent years it has become very fashionable and do not be surprised if there is more than one girl in your child's nursery with this 3-letter name. It derives from the biblical name Noah and means the one who provides comfort and rest.

Its meaning is clear: tranquility and harmony. It comes from the Latin, Pax, its personality is closely related to its name. If you have had a pregnancy without many surprises, you already know what name suits your little one best.

It derives from the Latin Pius, which means, pious. People who bear this name celebrate their birthday on August 21 and are said to be cheerful, noble and optimistic girls.

It is related to charming, smiling and very sociable people. Of Latin origin, it is an abbreviation of Soledad and in some countries it has been translated into other languages: Sun (English), Soleil (French) or Sole (Italian).

Basque names are becoming more and more fashionable. One of the most popular and mysterious is Sua, which means fire, something that can be dangerous or, in turn, something that protects.

It is a diminutive of another longer name, but with great sonority: Dorotea. It comes from the Greek and its meaning is that granted by God. People with this name are said to be shy and reserved.

It is a Basque name, therefore it is more common in Spain than in countries like Mexico or Colombia. But if still, if you want to know what its meaning, take note! It is summer in Basque.

To know the history of this name you have to go to the Bible. There we will discover that Uma means nation. Another origin makes us look at the Hindu culture, where its meaning is mother. In any case, it is a perfect short name for any boyto.

This 3 letter name for girls It is one of the least known, but perhaps that is why it is one that draws the most attention to future parents. It means glow of sunset or sunrise, its origin in Chinese and has a very positive aspect.

And we end this classification with the name Zoe, of Greek origin, and with a powerful meaning: 'give life or full of energy'. His saint is celebrated on July 5 and it is said that the girls who bear this nickname are characterized as very vital people.

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