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Download the new app for Iphone, Ipad and Apple TV

Download the new app for Iphone, Ipad and Apple TV

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The best videos of They accompany you wherever you go, on your mobile or cell phone, tablet or from your home television. You can now download in the App Store the new app on our site for Iphone, Ipad and Apple TV. We welcome you to the best video platform for parents with content on education, health, recipes, tips for pregnancy, etc.

Our expert psychologists, nutritionists, pediatricians, educators and others answer all your questions in different videos full of very useful information and advice. You can't miss them! It will be like having the best specialists from the different branches always by your side.

The video application of our site for your mobile is now available in the App Store. And downloading it is very simple! You just have to look on your Apple mobile for your App Store application (it's a light blue icon with a big white capital A). Once open, you will see a bar at the bottom in which a magnifying glass appears to search. In the search box write "Children's Guide" and tap on our icon when it appears. Then you just have to touch where it says "Get" and the app will begin to download and install on your mobile.

And ready! You have already downloaded the new app from our site on your mobile. Now you can have the best videos in a simple and free way. PYou can take the opportunity to watch these videos on your journeys by public transport, before going to sleep, when you are waiting for your children to leave school ... Enjoy it a lot!

If you are not satisfied with watching the videos on the screen of your mobile, The app on our site is also available for your iPad! Enjoy our videos in high quality from your tablet, from home or wherever you take it. Downloading it is as simple as on your iPhone. You must enter your App Store application (remember, the blue icon with a big A) and search from the magnifying glass for "Children's Guide". Click on 'get' and you will get this free app.

The operation of this application is very simple. The videos are grouped in different playlists by themes that you can explore according to your interests. For example, in the "Fun school" section we have compiled some very interesting videos that they will help the children at school: tricks to memorize, tongue twisters, riddles ...

In the "School of parents", pedagogues and psychologists respond to very frequent questions in parents: how to gain the trust of children, how to use a more positive language ... We also have some "Tricks for mothers and fathers in distress" and "Respond Vlogs" where we help you with the education of the little ones in the house.

But, in addition to your Iphone and Ipad, you can download the app from our site on your Apple TV. Thus, you will be able to see all our videos with tips and tricks from your home television. As in the previous examples, to download it you just have to search your App Store application for 'Children's Guide' ... and start enjoying all the content!

Make yourself a hot coffee, a bowl of popcorn or any other snack you like and learn with all our videos. Does your child have a hard time learning the multiplication tables? Do you know how to remove lice from your little one forever? Do you know the importance of hugs for children? These are just some examples of the videos that you can find in the application of our site.

- Available in Play Store for Android
If you have an Android mobile or tablet, you can also download the application from our site and enjoy all the available content.

- Download it on Amazon
You will also find the app on Amazon. Remember, it contains the most interesting videos that will help you in the education and care of your children.

- The free app on Roku
And you can also download our video app for free from the Roku platform.

If you liked the app on our site, don't forget to give it 5 stars!

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