Savory recipes with cheese for kids

Savory recipes with cheese for kids

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Cheese has a very high nutritional value for children. It is a source of calcium, protein and vitamin D. In addition, as the lactose content is very low, it is also easy to digest. However, it also provides a large amount of fat. Therefore, in cases of overweight children it is better to reduce the amount of cheese that is included in the child's diet.

Salads, quiches or even a simple sandwich. Cheese has many possibilities to mix with other ingredients and make a much more appetizing dish. Here are some examples, recipes for very simple first and second dishes that have a common denominator: among their ingredients, you will always find cheese.

Chipá de queso. The chipá or chipa is a typical cheese bread from Paraguay and the northeast of Argentina. If you have never tried chipá, it is time for you to make this recipe at home since it is very easy to prepare and because of its taste, children will love it.

Four cheese pizza. Four cheese pizza recipe for children. Prepare an Italian-style pizza. Traditional recipes from Italy. Make a pizza step by step.

Zucchini, onion and cheese quiche. Zucchini, onion and gorgonzola cheese quiche recipe. An easy and quick recipe to make. our site offers you this recipe, step by step, so that you can make it at home for the whole family.

Tortilla lasagna with ham and cheese. Tortilla lasagna recipe with ham and cheese. our site offers us an easy, simple recipe that can be made with children. An original recipe for dinner or children's lunch.

Chicken and cheese balls. Easy chicken recipe for kids. Chicken and cheese balls, a simple starter for children's meals. easy recipes for kids. Recipes with chicken for children's meals. recipe for chicken balls with cheese.

Peruvian cheese rubber. Typical Peruvian dishes to make with children. Cheese rub. Easy Peruvian recipes. Typical food of Peru. How to make cheese rubber step by step.

Quiche with cheese and leeks. our site offers you to prepare, step by step, a cheese and leeks quiche for dinner, the first course or the family appetizer. An easy, fast and simple recipe to make.

Fun sandwiches with ham and cheese. We give you ideas on how to decorate children's ham and cheese sandwiches to make them more fun than ever. In addition, they are good options to take you on a picnic with the children. Delicious and very funny!

Zucchini, tomato and cheese omelette. A homemade zucchini, tomato and cheese omelette recipe that will conquer the children's taste for vegetables. our site brings us an easy and very quick recipe to prepare for both lunch and dinner for the little ones in the house.

Ham and cheese quesadillas. Simple and easy to prepare Mexican recipe for children. Ham and cheese quesadillas with guacamole sauce. our site offers us a recipe for a traditional Mexican meal. How to make special Mexican quesadillas for children.

Cherry, walnut and cheese salad. Salads are the best accompaniment to a meat or fish dish, this salad recipe with cherries, nuts and cheese is very colorful and original.

Potatoes stuffed with minced meat and cheese. On our site we teach you how to cook potatoes stuffed with meat. These baked potatoes stuffed with minced meat and cheese are nutritious and easy to make, a healthier recipe for kids that they are sure to love. An ideal recipe for children's dinner.

Broccoli quiche with Roquefort cheese. The broccoli quiche with Roquefort cheese forms a most surprising combination. Follow a versatile, different, easy and exquisite recipe for a family party, for children's birthdays, etc.

Spinach and feta cheese quiche. On our site we invite you to make a spinach and feta cheese quiche for dinner, for an aperitif or a special family occasion. Healthy and easy to make recipe.

Savory ham and cheese muffins. Learn how to make these delicious and original ham and cheese muffins for children's breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner. An easy, quick recipe with which children can take their first steps in the kitchen. Ham and cheese muffins.

Aromatic potatoes with cheese. The simplest recipes are the ones that children like the most, such as these aromatic potatoes with baked cheese, ideal for growing children and pregnant women, due to their high calcium content.

Smoked salmon and cheese rolls. If you want a light starter that is easy to prepare, you have these smoked salmon and cheese rolls. A recipe for children with many vitamins and nutrients, low in fat to control childhood obesity.

Eggplant rolls with cheese. Eggplant rolls stuffed with cheese. In GuiaInfantil we encourage you to make delicious eggplant rolls with cheese that will delight the family. Especially from your children, as they love this nutritious dish.

Gnocchi with cheese for children. Gnocchi with cheese recipe to cook with children. Traditional Italian recipes to prepare for children. Easy recipe for gnocchi with cheese sauce for kids.

Almond cheese. Almond cheese. Recipes with calcium for children. Cheese is a food made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep or other ruminant mammals. It is a product especially indicated in the diet of children due to its high content of calcium and phosphorus.

Cheese sandwich with quince. This recipe for children for a cheese and quince sandwich is very easy to prepare, and it can be used for the children's snack or the school snack.

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