How to play with babies under one year of age

How to play with babies under one year of age

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We think that newborn babies, in general, live in their world and it still seems early to play with them. At the moment, the baby only seems to be interested in eating and sleeping, but, although it is their highest priority, from the first days of life we ​​can interact with them and stimulate them through games appropriate to their mental and physical development.

Precisely, we refer to games that stimulate their development and that help them to perceive our affection and our attention.

Even when our baby does not understand what we say, they love to hear our voice, they love to look at the gestures of our face, they love our caresses and our touch ..., we are their best toy at this stage of life.

In a few months our baby will be more gifted to try to establish a conscious communication with us, they will begin to provoke us with their cute looks and smiles, with their chirps or screams. At this time we can play more active games with them, such as making their tummies fart, doing gymnastics exercises, making them fly in the plane of our arms, manipulating rattles or playing peacock bass, temporarily depriving them of our vision.

If we put a little sheet in front of their faces so they don't see us, they will surely try to get rid of it so as not to lose sight of us. The end of the bath offers a good opportunity for these games, for the well-being and relaxation that it provides to the baby, our closeness and the touch on his skin.

After six months, the child will experience a great motor advance and this is the ideal time to start providing them with adequate and safe toys: balls, dolls with soft and soft textures, musical toys that can be operated in a simple way, etc. And, of course, we must continue with our closeness and physical contact: tickling, roars of a threatening lion that kisses its tummy, songs like the five wolves has the wolf in which its hand moves, play with its fingers, with their legs or arms, reading stories using different voices or puppets ... and a very long etcetera.

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