Pirate Ship. Recycling crafts for kids

Pirate Ship. Recycling crafts for kids

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Children's crafts are perfect entertainment for children, especially if we teach them to use recycled materials. The artist Elisa Polo proposes a fun craft for children.

Create, recycle, find a new use for an object, for example, a milk or juice carton; basic elements for the manual work that I propose today: a wonderful pirate ship with which our children will sail imaginary seas.

  • A 1 liter milk carton
  • A small carton of juice
  • Black or brown tempera or acrylic
  • 2 sheets of white paper
  • A skewer pickaxe
  • Colored pencils
  • Brush
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Black marker and pencil

1. Stick the small carton on one of the sides of the 1 liter carton.

2. Paint the hull of the boat black or brown, let it dry, give a second coat if necessary.

3. Draw on the paper: the sails, windows, cannons, sabers and the flag. Color, cut out and glue everything, everything in its place. You can print the template HERE.

4. Before placing the sails, we use the stake to make the hole where we will put the mast.

5. Put the sails on the peg, place the peg with a little glue in the hole before made and hoist the pirate flag to flutter in the wind. I hope you like it

Elisa polo

Elisa's Universe Blog

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Video: Rocking Pirate Ship Craft- Toddler to 3rd Grade- Week 4 (July 2022).


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