Good manners in children

Good manners in children

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The education of children is more than taking them to school to learn history, mathematics or literature. There are social norms of coexistence that we have to instill in them from an early age, from thanking them to greeting or knowing how to behave appropriately at the table. Here are some tips for the child learn good manners.

In Guiainfantil We offer you some tips for your children to acquire good habits and manners:

Say hello, goodbye and thank you. The importance of educating our children and instilling good manners in them. Teach them to thank and say hello. Examples of good practices. Good habits and customs in childhood.

Handwashing. The importance of hand washing in children. Hand washing world day. What are the benefits of washing hands in childhood. The example of parents for children to wash their hands. What health problems are associated with poor hand hygiene.

Brushing teeth. How and when to teach children to brush their teeth. How they should brush their teeth. How many times should they wash them. From what age can babies brush their teeth.

Bad habits Control of bad habits of children. What parents should do if their child's bad habits increase. How to control bad habits of children. The most common hobbies in children.

Learn to listen. What can we do so that our child learns to listen to others. What can we do if you don't want to listen to others. How to teach them to communicate and listen.

The baby's bath. Cleaning and hygiene habits for children to bathe boys and girls, step by step. What parents should consider when bathing, washing and cleaning children and babies.

Be thankful. Teach your child to say thank you. Children can be taught to practice gratitude in different ways and at different times. Educating children in values ​​is a way to make them grow up healthy and happy. Giving thanks or thanking is one of the most important lessons in the education of children.

Good table conduct. All parents want family meals to be quiet and relaxed, and it puts us in a bad mood when our children misbehave at the table. Silvia Alava tells us how we can motivate children to maintain good behavior at the table.

Learn good table manners. On our site we give you some tips for children to adopt good table manners. And it is that, at mealtime, in many houses it becomes a headache: children who eat poorly, play with food, fight with siblings, do not take cutlery well ...

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