What kind of family do you think is yours?

What kind of family do you think is yours?

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When we talk about family, the images of a group of happy people under one roof come to mind. But, beyond this portrait, what is family? What changes have you experienced in these years? What value does a family bring to a child?

There was a time when families always had the same profile: a mother, a father and the children. However, his universe was changing. Today, there are different types of family. Families with mother and father, others in which there is only one mother or father ... For some circumstances, there are some families in which children are educated and cared for by grandparents or, in less frequent cases, by only two mothers or Two potatoes. In some families, children can also be foster or adopted.

Before, families used to be large. Families with just one or two children were rare. Today, for various reasons, families have dwindled and it is increasingly common to have only one child.

Worries, as well as hobbies and the distribution of tasks, are also part of a family. Contrary to what was seen before, in many families it is the mother who leaves the house to work and the father remains in charge of the house and children. Families can be rich or poor, large or small, and of different nationalities and aspects.

In addition, there are families who welcome pets, others who value travel, and still others who each dedicate themselves to enjoying a hobby. There are families of all kinds, the shyest, the grumpiest, the nicest ...

The important thing about all this, I think, is that when everyone meets and shares a moment together, at lunch, playing or watching a movie, all the differences that may exist between the members of the family, vanish. For me, that is the truly familiar moment.

And I think that's what a family brings to children. Happy International Family Day!

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