What you need to know before your child grows up

What you need to know before your child grows up

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It is immensely gratifying to see your child grow, acquire skills, test his abilities ... although the day will come when looking at him will take a good scare. Time has passed so fast that your son no longer shakes your hand to cross the street, he no longer needs you at bath time, he already chooses the clothes he is going to wear, that is, he has already acquired so much autonomy, that at the same time you are happy for his conquests, you also feel that you are no longer everything to him.

Even if your son loves you, and he will love you for sure, he will no longer call you to go to the park, he will not ask you to stay in bed a little longer with him and not to accompany him to the movies. Where are the board games that you have shared so much? And where are the birthday parties that you prepared together? Your child, this boy or this girl that you have held in your arms, has grown. He has gone from sitting in the back seat of the car to being next to you in the front seat.

How beautiful and difficult time it is to see the children grow. Those children who wanted so much to be at home, painting, drawing, and doing so many little things with you, are gone. And you will think: Why did I complain so much about my son coming to my bed on Sunday mornings? Why was it that when my son wanted to play with me I was almost always busy? Why when he called me from his bed, I did not answer him? Why did I not answer his insistent questions? Why didn't I pick him up when he asked me to? We only realize our mistakes, our faults, our lack of patience, tolerance, etc., when the children grow up.

When we realize that our child has grown, We began to reflect on everything we have been able to do for and with them and we did not. That's normal. It is the same when we go from one course to another at school. In the last days it is natural that we are all more united. Well it is so. It is not about covering the holes that were left, the important thing is that we recognize that being a father and mother is not a stage. If you have not been able to fulfill it as you wanted, you can always be a better father or a better mother in the next stage, even if that does not erase the unwanted from the previous stage.

Before your child grows up, do not want to be alone, your child's childhood is a stage. Enjoy your son, jump rope with him, play hide-and-seek and do as many cartwheels as necessary to get a good laugh from him. Tell him jokes, take him to the circus, to the park, make sand castles with him and don't forget that before he grows up, you must value the moments you spend with him, even if they only last minutes.

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