How to use the shampoo with children

How to use the shampoo with children

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For many children, bath time is a special time to enjoy. But for many others the bathroom and especially the gesture of Wash the hair it becomes a nightmare from which they want to escape anyway.

Imagination, patience, a few tricks and a good children's shampoo is all we need for our children to enjoy washing their hair. We tell you some secrets to wash children's hair and know how to use the shampoo with the little ones.

Bath time is not usually a bitter time for children, but things change when we want to wash their hair. The water running down your face and sometimes getting into your ears, the shampoo that irritates your eyes and the feeling of having spoiled your relaxing moment they can complicate this mandatory hygiene measure, which is washing the hair.

That is why it is important to master some tricks so that washing your hair does not become a battle:

1. Luckily, children's hair should not be washed every day, it is better to space the washings every two or three days or according to the needs of each child's hair type. And of course, the fundamental factor when washing hair is shampoo.

2. There is no reason to use a large amount of shampoo, just put an amount similar to that of a nut to leave the child's hair clean and shiny.

3. The shampoo is applied with the fingertips in gentle circular movements for a few minutes and then we can rinse with water that is not too hot.

4. For the newborn, no need to use shampoo. You can wash your hair with the neutral soap, special for babies, to use to clean your body. If you prefer to use shampoo as well, make sure it is special for babies (it is much softer than normal shampoo).

The question that most worries parents and children is what type of shampoo for children is the most suitable. The fundamental premise is that it be as natural a shampoo as possible, that it does not damage the scalp and that it does not irritate children's eyes. And to know what type of shampoo we are buying there is that unwritten rule that says: if you can't easily pronounce the ingredients of the shampoo, don't buy it.

If it is important for children to choose a shampoo with a fun container, colors and drawings that attract their attention, for parents it is more important that the shampoo does not contain too many chemicals that in the long run will be harmful to their hair. What we are looking for is a mild shampoo, without colorants, without preservatives, without artificial fragrances and that does not cause irritations or allergies.

The key is in the shampoo label. We must check that children's shampoo is free of parabens, those preservatives that prolong the life of many cosmetic products but that over time cause allergies. If the words organic or natural are also read in the shampoo and they do not contain sulfates or artificial tinctures, we will be facing the type of shampoo that best suits our children.

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