Tips so that children do not get nervous in a test

Tips so that children do not get nervous in a test

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In general, exams are usually stressful situations that can sometimes be experienced by children as tremendously distressing, thus interfering with both school performance and the general well-being of students.

When exam time arrives and, especially in the final stretch of the course, it is common to see adults as well as especially nervous children and adolescents, and it is that sometimes, it seems that the whole family is examined!

In the moments when children have to face an examIt is important to have techniques and strategies to be able to control those nerves in the tests and to know how to handle test anxiety.

1. It is important for the child to trust himself. Dialogue with the children and explain encouraging them is essential, with phrases such as 'you have come this far and you have passed very difficult exams, you can do it'.

2. Let us explain to the children that they must think positive. 'I can', 'I'll do it right' are phrases that will help and encourage you.

3. You have to breathe deeply before the exam and above all, take time to exhale. Release all the air slowly through the mouth until the child notices his lungs empty. It will help them relax.

4. If the teacher allows it, it helps to bring a bottle of water and drink small sips during the test. It can help you stay focused and reduce anxiety.

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