The benefits of ice cream for children

The benefits of ice cream for children

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Artisan or homemade ice cream can be considered as a power source, being also a food with high nutrient density. A tub ice cream made with milk and fruits provides carbohydrates (15gr), fat (7gr) and protein (2gr).

In addition, ice creams also provide vitamins. We explain why it is good for your child to have an ice cream once in a while.

Ice creams made with milk and fruit, provide vitamins, A, C, D and E, as well as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, and vitamins B-6 and B-12. To a lesser extent, also vitamin K. As for minerals, this ice cream would be rich in calcium and phosphorus.

As a counterpoint, it must be taken into account that ice cream it is rich in fat and sugars, in addition to containing lactose, important in case the child is intolerant to this carbohydrate.

If ice cream is made with yogurt, we eliminate the source of lactose, making it suitable for those intolerant, keeping the vitamins and minerals from milk. To enrich it even more in micronutrients, it can always be combined with seasonal fruits.

Another option that could be even more attractive would be homemade ice cream. from fruit juice, that is, fruit juice in a lolly format. In this way, it reduces the caloric content of ice cream, being, however, a good source of vitamins. The sugar content, however, is still high, and it is important to take it into account, especially in diabetics.

Although there are, within the medical community itself, disparate opinions about it, ice creams are usually recommended when the child suffers from tonsillitis or an inflamed throat.

The reasons, on the side of the pros:

- Ice cream is an appetizing source of calories and, given its smooth and creamy texture, easy to swallow even with a sore throat

- Ice cream, being cold, acts as an anesthetic and reduces inflammation, being able to temporarily relieve symptoms.

- It is usually recommended after removing the tonsils.

On the side of the cons:

- An ice cream too rich in sugar can aggravate the inflammation of the throat.

- Although no correlation has been scientifically proven, popular wisdom states that dairy products increase the amount and density of mucus and phlegm, and according to this, ice cream could aggravate the symptoms of the cold.

- Ice cream, being cold, produces a decrease in body temperature, so the body will need an extra supply of energy to raise it again, energy that could be dedicated to other processes in the body.

Regarding the commercial ice creamThose made of cream have a high content of fats and sugars in their composition, and, generally, their contribution of micronutrients is zero. Those made of ice, for their part, are made with a highly concentrated syrup or nectars that usually do not provide more than sugar in large quantities. It should be remembered that they may also contain possible colorants or preservatives that can cause allergies.

In summary, when the child needs an extra intake of calories, either due to illness or simply because he is listless, ice cream can be an ally to consider, as long as it is as natural as possible and is not abused, since the fat and sugar content is high.

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