What to expect and demand from a nursery or nursery school

What to expect and demand from a nursery or nursery school

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We all know that the best place for children to be is in the company of their parents. However, there are circumstances such as the work and professional development of parents that make them have to leave their children to the care and attention of nurseries or nursery schools where, among other things, they can begin to relate to other children of their age and learn to live with other adults. I don't think there is a perfect nursery. What does exist is the ideal nursery for your child.

Choosing a nursery well is of the utmost importance and, from my experience, I can tell you that not always the most expensive or with magnificent facilities is the best. It is natural that most of the mothers, good facilities enter our eyes: that they are new, modern, with technologies, with abundant material and different from all the others. Of course, at first glance it attracts us, but in my opinion what should have the most weight, as always, is not the premises or the external appearance of the center, but the people that the center has. When the center staff transmits professionalism, ability, in tune with our way of thinking, education, respect and affection for children, that's what should matter most to us.

Sometimes, it is preferable to give up the latest developments in the monitoring of our children or revolutionary methods in early childhood education, for the loving care and welcoming environment in which our children give continuity to our home, after all they are still young to take full advantage of exquisite training or facilities. The adaptation of our children to a safe and loving environment is much more important at these ages. But, on the contrary, even if we have chosen a more affordable or traditional nursery, we must not renounce that the place meets the necessary regulations to house our little ones: facilities, safety, hygiene school and food, number of children per classroom, recreation areas, materials, etc.

Whatever our option, we must not allow our son to habitually come out with a dirty butt, with attacks or bites, or any indication of negligence. The educator or caregiver must inform us promptly of their adaptation, possible problems or what happened every day, or give us the pertinent explanations in the event of any accident or specific problem. Establishing a climate of trust and communication on both sides is essential: Nor is it good for the nursery staff to feel constantly watched under our critical gaze and, of course, the concealment of information or the transit through the facilities from parents is not desirable. Sometimes word of mouth is the best advertisement for the good work of a nursery.

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