How to fix bedwetting with reflexology

How to fix bedwetting with reflexology

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Enuresis or urinary incontinence is a very common disorder in childhood, it affects the psychic stability of the child, its social behavior, and influences the family environment. It is a lack of control of the urinary bladder sphincter, that is, urine is not controlled and appears in an involuntary and unconscious way once the age when normal physiological control should have been withdrawn.

Symptoms are involuntary urination which normally occur at night, but could also occur during the day. It may be due to an organic cause or to a congenital malformation, but it usually corresponds to an immaturity of the nervous system that controls the urinary system and the bladder sphincter.

There are many therapies that have worked and continue to work with great success, foot reflexology is one of them, and you, as parents, are the best reflexologists your child could have. If you work on the following reflex points to the child daily and adopt a supportive and optimistic attitude towards the situation, this disorder will disappear faster than you can imagine.

You will work the reflection of Urinary system (adrenal glands, kidney, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra), in addition to the reflection of the head and the solar plexus. The technique you will use will be basic thumb technique. This technique is based on stimulating the reflex points by making small intermittent or dragging pressures with the tip of the thumb.

First you will work the reflections of one foot and then the reflections of the other. If we use the right thumb to stimulate a reflex, simultaneously with the left hand I will hold the foot to perform the technique more effectively. Not always all the reflexes of our body are in both feet, but in this case, all the reflexes that we must work for this pathology are in both the left foot and the right foot, that is why it is important that you both work.

- The adrenal glands: They are above the kidneys, the reflex will be stimulated by making small pulls of a centimeter and a half down with the thumb.

- The kidney: It is located below the reflex of the adrenal glands, it will work in the same way, in the same direction and with the same pressure as the previous point.

- The ureters: We will carry out dragging throughout the area with medium pressure, being more intense as we reach the end of the reflection.

- The urinary bladder and urethra: After going down the ureter reflex, we will make small pressures on the bladder reflex.

- Head: We will massage all the fingers but mainly the thumb of the foot. It is important to do it without haste, with gentle pressure, in the same way that we would touch our child's head if we wanted to relax him.

- The solar plexus: We will place the tip of the tip of the thumb in the reflex zone and without lifting the finger, we will rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction. We will do this for about a minute.

I recommend doing it for 15 to 20 minutes a day until you start to see changes. Results tend to be better when the child knows first-hand that he is being helped to solve this disorder that makes him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Treat the subject with great affection and with great unconditional support, this is a key piece to achieve success.

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