Mother. Poems for Mother's Day

Mother. Poems for Mother's Day

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Nice poetry to celebrate theMother's Day. Here you have a beautiful poetry written byLuciana Carelli dedicated to all mothers on such a special day.

On Mother's Day, children show their appreciation for all these unselfish care of mothers and what better way than to do it with a poetry dedicated especially to them.

It was dark...

Just the ray of light from your eyes.

You taught me to breathe

and your entrails caressed my fragile body.

I dreamed of colors

and I imagined you beautiful,

it was nine months in a pink world.

I grew up little by little with your heat

fed me with your caresses

and phrases of love.

The moment came

I was going to meet you

I was very protected

afraid of losing you ...

There was light

one morning in February,

mom, there you were

so wonderful and so sweet

as I had imagined.

I learned as time went by

and in my dangerous wanderings

of each of your advice

valued in each act

of my nineteen years,

and dreaming every time

that I am far away,

with your words

that surround my experiences

and fear fears

of my youth.

Luciana Carelli

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