How to help children overcome complexes

How to help children overcome complexes

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Children when they have a complex being small is because others have labeled them or have made them a complex of something, because they themselves should not have any type of complex. It depends on the environment whether they develop it or not, because if they grow up in an environment where they accept and support them whatever their physical or mental condition, the complexes would simply cease to exist. The complexes appear due to a lack of tolerance and respect on the part of society.

Fat, skinny, big nose, big ears, four eyes, fat, seal, giraffe ... there are many cruel nicknames that children give each other highlighting the characteristics that stand out from 'normality'. This physical characteristic can very easily become a complex and in what is thought to do differently, it almost inevitably leads to low self-esteem in children, something that will affect their relationship with others.

This irrational thinking seems difficult to overcome, but it is not impossible. The first thing a child must do to overcome it is to feel loved, accepted, that in their environment they see their 'defect' (because they do not really have anything) as something normalized in their close environment, and thus they can accept and respect themselves . Here are some tips to help your child overcome his complex:

1. Don't minimize the problem. If you exaggerate it or don't say anything, it won't help at all. On the other hand, if your child sees and feels that you care about his feelings, you will be helping him more than you imagine. Listen to him and ask him how he feels and what worries him, empathize with him and thus he will not feel like the only one in the world who has a complex.

2. Real friends do exist and they won't care about your condition. Make him see that he will always find people who will be his real friends and who will not give importance to his physical condition because they will love him for how he really is. Explain that the handsome boy at school may seem like he has more friends, but are they really real? It is better to have few friends and that they are the best than to have many and that they are not real.

3. Turn the defect into a virtue. Talk to your child about the positive side of being different. For example, if they make fun of him for being too tall, make him see that he will be more agile, that he will run faster than others and that he will be able to reach places that others will not be able to reach because he is shorter.

4. And above all, it is essential that you teach your child to respect yourself and others, and for this you will have to value him and never highlight his defects under any circumstances. Your child should feel loved and appreciated by his family.

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