Harmful habits in pregnancy

Harmful habits in pregnancy

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For the pregnancy to develop normally, it is essential that the mother is aware that there are harmful habits, both for her and the baby. Smoking, drinking or ingesting any type of drug can be harmful for your future baby, since they are substances that cross the placenta.

We will tell you why you should stop smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy and how these (unhealthy) habits affect the baby.

Tobacco use is a major health problem, since the association of its consumption with the appearance of many of the most prevalent diseases in our environment, such as certain types of cancers, respiratory diseases, etc. is more than proven.

- Low-birth-weight babies: In addition to these relationships, there are a large number of publications that associate tobacco use in pregnancy and adverse effects in pregnancy. Among the most documented is the higher incidence of low birth weight in babies of smoking mothers. Likewise, there are no significant differences between the weights of the babies of nonsmoking mothers, with those of those smokers who quit during the first 4 months of pregnancy.

- Problems with the placenta: There also appears to be a relationship between tobacco use and the appearance of placenta previa. An increased risk of some of the complications of childbirth, such as premature placental abruption, has also been described.

- Other risks associated with tobacco: There seems to be a relationship between tobacco use in pregnancy with a greater possibility of spontaneous abortion and premature rupture of membranes and premature delivery. Others less well known but of great importance are the association of sudden infant death syndrome and tobacco, the consumption of the latter, both prenatally and postnatally, being a risk factor for its appearance.

Take caffeine in amounts greater than 300mg - the equivalent of on average, at two cups of coffee a day- can also be harmful to health. It can also harm the course of pregnancy. Its high consumption has been linked to fertility problems, increased risk of miscarriage, low birth weight babies and premature births. It has not been estimated from what amount we put the baby at risk, so the general recommendation is that the less amount, the better.

It is important to underline that caffeine is not only present in coffee but in a large number of foods such as some soft drinks and energy drinks, so it is important to consult the ingredients of them.

Alcohol is considered it is one of the most dangerous substances of abuse for the baby, which crosses the placental barrier without problems. Drinking alcohol can be very harmful for him, having consequences that can manifest themselves at birth or in later development.

- Problems for the pregnant woman: It is related to problems in fertility and menstrual disorders, risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.

- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: In all periods of pregnancy it is harmful, but the first trimester stands out especially, which is the one that can produce more anomalies. There is a syndrome specifically related to high alcohol consumption, called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which is characterized by a series of facial, cardiac, and other viscera malformations as well as psychomotor retardation. In the vast majority of cases, the syndrome does not appear complete, but isolated alterations and malformations appear, which is called 'disorders related to fetal alcohol syndrome'.

- Problems for the baby: Alcohol use during pregnancy is the leading non-genetic cause of mental retardation. It also produces a higher incidence of epileptic conditions, attention deficit with / without hyperactivity, autism and pervasive developmental disorder, and various types of learning disorders. In adolescence they can develop various types of personality disorders and drug addictions.

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