22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks pregnant

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If you lead a sedentary life and do not do any exercise, it would be recommended that you spend at least half an hour a day walking. It will strengthen your muscles and, now that your abdomen is growing rapidly, it will help you to support the extra weight you are carrying. In addition, it brings with it more advantages: it prevents the appearance of varicose veins, helps reduce stress, you will recover your figure more easily after pregnancy and it will help you to rest better at the end of the day.

By week 22 of pregnancy, the uterus has already reached the level of your belly button and has gained quite a bit of weight. The growth of the uterus as the baby develops causes your abdomen increase in shape considerable and your usual clothes no longer fit. They are normal changes, as long as your weight is within normal, it will be easier for you to regain your figure little by little after delivery.

The increase of the uterus brings with it a discomfort: it presses on the bladder and rectum, thus weakening the pelvic floor, something that could cause you to have urine leakage. To prevent this, it is recommended to practice Kegel exercises.

Another discomfort associated with the growth of the uterus at 22 weeks of pregnancy is the change in the vascular system. Some veins are compressed and varicose veins appear, edema in the ankles and a feeling of swelling. Try to rest with your legs up, walk every day and drink a lot of water.

As the weeks go by, your neck could suffer and suffer from muscle overload. It can happen if you have a lot of stress or you tend to carry weight. To relieve pain, do neck stretches, tilting your head down and then looking up, you can also rotate very slowly.

Your baby is already 20 weeks old, measures around 27 centimeters and at the end of this week he can weigh a pound. His body is at first glance almost like that of a full-term baby, but he has yet to grow and finish develop certain vital organs.

You can now open and close your eyes because your eyelids have already formed. His nails already cover the tips of his fingers and his skin is thin and surrounded by a substance that protects him from the liquid called cheesy vernix.

If you are expecting a boy, you should know that in the twenty-second week of your pregnancy, there is already a descent of the testicles, and if your baby is a girl, his uterus and ovaries are in their final position.

Your baby makes constant movements, he still has enough space to exercise, and when he is awake he moves his arms and legs, a sensation that you will have already perceived.

Almost half of pregnant women develop dark spots on their faces, called chloasma. They are produced by increased hormones that stimulate skin pigmentation. To reduce or prevent its appearance always use, both in summer and winter, a sun protection cream.

It is also normal that you suffer from the uncomfortable cramps of pregnancy. If this severe pain occurs over your calf muscle, stretch your limb and point your toes toward you.

Another discomfort that you could suffer in this 22nd week of pregnancy is headaches, to prevent them try to be calm and avoid stressful situations. If you already suffer from the headache,rest for a while, even in a room without light And, if the doctor has prescribed it and the pain is very bad, you can take an analgesic.

It is common for pregnant women to project their fears or insecurities in their dreams. There are many women having nightmares related to the baby: malformations, which leave it abandoned or the moment of delivery. They are normal dreams since there are many emotions that a pregnant woman has.

To avoid eating more than necessary from the twenty-second week of gestation and having excessive weight gain at the end of pregnancy, you can follow these recommendations:

- The carbohydrates they have to make up half of your daily calories. You will find them in green leafy vegetables, potatoes, carrots and fruit.
- The protein they create cells, hormones and keep muscles in good condition. They are present in lean meats, dairy, eggs, fish, and chicken.
- Fats: do not abuse them but do not eliminate them from the diet, some fats such as Omega3 are essential for the neurological development of the baby and are present in fish.
- Vitamins: your doctor will have prescribed supplements to meet your vitamin needs, but it is essential to take between 2 and 4 pieces of fruit a day.

In addition, a fundamental habit throughout pregnancy should be to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Always carry a bottle with you.

If you work outside the home and your pregnancy is normal, you can continue developing your work activity throughout your pregnancy. However, you will wonder what will happen when the baby is born and how you can combine your professional life and family life.

Taking care of children requires time and dedication, and maternity leave lasts 16 weeks, so you will have to think about how to reconcile. There are women who ask for a leave of absence for childcare since their finances allow it, in other cases they request a reduction in working hours.
In case you have to keep your same schedule, you will have to think about finding a nursery or caregiver to take care of your child while you are away from home.

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