Stop working to take care of your children, is it possible?

Stop working to take care of your children, is it possible?

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Being a mother and a worker is really complicated in the times we live in. There are times when we ask ourselves, how can we be mothers and workers at the same time without dying trying? But the most important thing is how we can do it without either of the two experiences, motherhood and professional, suffering a disaster.

Both need 100 percent of the attention and require time to enrich the work. And the thing is that to be in two places at the same time you have to make real bobbin lace, that's why it does not surprise me that the II National Report on Children in Spain, prepared by Chicco, note that 52 percent of mothers from Madrid have had to stop working on some occasion to take care of their children.

If children go to nursery school before they are three years old, it is because the family has not been able to keep the baby, while the parents work, or hiring a caregiver has not been possible, generally for financial reasons. So what else can we do when our baby is sick?

Despite the crisis we are experiencing, 69 percent of fathers and 63 percent of mothers are currently working, although 71 percent of them and 56 percent of fathers admit that they would be willing to reduce salary in order to have more time to spend with the children.

However, sometimes, with the salary of just one, the family does not make ends meet and the work of the two members of the couple becomes an indispensable obligation to deal with day after day. And the truth is that this salary reduction is amortized in the long term, paying fewer hours of caretaker or nursery, and with it the family wins.

Parents and children have the opportunity to spend more time every day and not leave this only for the weekends. Unfolding is very difficult and being in two places at the same time impossible, and then the sense of responsibility in the company comes into play, which collides squarely with the hearts of parents, who are told by their heads to apply for permits by maternity or paternity or for the specific care of children can, in practice, but not in theory, harm your professional career.

In this situation, it is normal that we delay motherhood more and more, that with this delay we increasingly need to resort to fertility treatments when life and society run against our natural biological clock: more years of training, more difficulties to find the first job, more time to live the tranquility of economic stability and, therefore, Do you think there will come a time when we will grow old to have children?

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