Maternity leave for self-employed women

Maternity leave for self-employed women

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Requesting maternity and paternity leave in Social Security, the Family Book in court, the baby check and many other requirements, are procedures that must be requested in very limited terms for a family that has just had a baby, considering that along with all this, the family, and especially the mother, has to adapt to the new reality, postpartum discomfort, baby care, and other commitments that motherhood entails.

Through the Forum on our site we have received a letter from a mother who, based on her experience, makes an alert to other mothers, and in this case we are talking about self-employed workers, about the risks, rights, and injustices that suffer in this sense. Due to how timely the topic seemed, we have decided to reproduce its message: Autonomous mothers and Social Security.

I am new to this forum and I want to provide very important information for freelancers. On the one hand, if you are going to be a mother or have been recently, you should know that you have 15 days from the date of delivery to submit the Statement of Activity Status to Social Security. Don't miss out! -as it happened to me- because, if you do not have a force majeure argument, Social Security will sanction you directly and you can lose at least one month of your maternity benefit! It is convenient that you do this procedure while taking the doctor's maternity leave so that Social Security pays you the benefit that corresponds to us (approximately 3.5 months).

It is that unfair, as if the group of self-employed workers were not quite unprotected, since they require us to present this form on the worst dates for a woman who has just given birth since in the first weeks we must adapt to the new situation, to postpartum discomfort, the first check-ups of the baby ... and to this we add all the procedures: requesting paternity leave, maternity leave from the SS; the Family Book in court and the € 100 per month in the Treasury. And another very important matter and little publicized by S. Social, which I just discovered thanks to another mother who wrote it in El País: when you join your work, you are exempt for 12 months of paying the freelance fee (Not a negligible amount!). It is a bonus that includes the Additional Provision 65 of Law 30/2005 of the General State Budgets for 2006. If you have already paid a month, I think you can still request that the SS refund the amount and if not, go how much before requesting this bonus!

I recommend a good advisor for these matters, but be careful, not all (like mine) are up to date and if you do not inform yourself, you may lose any rights. I hope it is useful to you.

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