6 activities to develop children's reading comprehension

6 activities to develop children's reading comprehension

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From the earliest stages of early childhood education, children are prepared to learn to read and write, but it is not until the age of 6 or 7 that they are ready to read children's stories or books themselves. Even so, they will still have to perfect their reading skills and gain speed and dexterity. Nevertheless, We must not forget the importance of not only that they read well, but that they understand what they read.

The reading comprehension it refers to children understanding what they have read and assuming the information they have taken from the book. Understanding what is read is essential for a good reading and also helps the child to acquire new concepts that will be useful for their development.

With these ideas we will be helping the child to understand what he reads and we will give him guidelines so that he gets used to understanding the texts that fall into his hands:

1 - Provide a short text or story to the child to read aloud. Then we can ask you questions about itWe will start by asking easy questions and then more elaborate ones. If you don't know them, we can reread the story and find the solution.

2- Introduce the child images of several different scenes and asks them to list the one that represents the story they read.

3- Ask the child to draw a picture to act out the story he read.

4- Offer the child different types of reading, they do not always have to be stories, we can put at your disposal a brochure of a vacation place, a recipe or the steps to make a craft.

5- Constancy is often the key. Taking time each day to read will help you learn to read and come to terms with understanding what you read. They do not have to be long reading periods, 10 minutes a day is enough.

6 - Ask the child to write a summary, either one or two sentences, that tell the essence of the text he read.

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