How a Spanish mom lives in southern Italy

How a Spanish mom lives in southern Italy

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My name is Sonia and I am Mom Scissors in the 2.0 world thanks to my hobbies to scrapbooking and sewing. I have been living in southern Italy for 4 and a half years, in Salento, known as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean for its innumerable beaches, its fine sand and crystal clear waters.

It is a quiet land of hard-working people who cultivate their fields, make their own wine, extra virgin oil, and tomato sauce so essential in pizzas and pastas. People greet you with two kisses on the face, they invite you to their homes and deep down we share Mediterranean customs and diets.

If you get pregnant your own GP will refer you to a private gynecologist, where every month he will pay you a visit and will charge you at least € 100. This same doctor works in public health, but few mothers follow their pregnancies solely for public health. The reason? Greater control. Healthcare in southern Italy is a bit limited in resources, the hospitals are quite old.

On the other hand, all tests are paid, either an ultrasound or a blood test, and unless the doctor justifies a high-risk pregnancy, you will not receive any financial help. With what a pregnancy means a strong outflow of money in an Italian economy.

Of course, one of the advantages that I have found and that I discovered when my daughter visited the pediatrician for the first time is that until she is 6 years old we do not have to pay for her, nor tests, nor analyzes, nor medical visits. And a strong point they have is the vaccination schedule, where has been vaccinated against chickenpox or pneumococcus (prevent) without any charge or financial payment.

In my personal case, I have chosen to breastfeed my daughter and at first Italian mothers see it favorably, but after 6 months they see it unnecessary and there are many who stop breastfeeding despite having milk to continue doing it. In this case, without pretending to generalize, I am talking about the mothers around me.

The unemployment rate is very high but despite this, they have the habit of taking their children to kindergarten staying at home. The justifications they give me is that children learn to relate to other children in this way. I do not share it and my girl is with me at home, but it is something very common here in the south.

Something that caught my attention is that they go to school from Monday to Saturday and I despite being a good student who was looking forward to September to start a new course, just thinking about go to school One Saturday is very stressful for mothers and children.

One of the difficulties I encountered was the language, since each town has practically one dialect and this caused me quite a few problems when it came to getting a job.

On the other hand, as I have mentioned, it is a practically paradisiacal area with a warm climate, high humidity, but you can enjoy the sun almost all year round and the beaches from April to October or November like this last year.

Sonia, Mom residing in Salento, Italy

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