New method to diagnose autism

New method to diagnose autism

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Research on the diagnosis of autism has gone one step further. Scientists from the American Universities of Rutgers and Indiana have developed ascreening method that allows to identify this disorder objectively and early.

This mechanism, based on the measurement and comparison ofmovement patterns on a digital map in real time, it can help diagnose autism at an earlier age, thus allowing therapies to be applied earlier.

According to the specialized magazine 'Frontiers', this mechanism identifies autism spectrum disorders based on the measurement of physical movements of the child, and even the baby.

The foundation of the method is to measure the movement patterns of patients, noting smallreal time variations, and comparing them with typical development patterns. In this way, the presence of this disorder and even the subtypes of autism can be determined.

To carry out this research, adigital support similar to the Wii game consoles in which the 25 children in the study were shown their favorite television programs, drawings or videos. Thus the little ones showed their preferences with simple movements that were collected by the researchers.

‘Every time children go through a region in space through a means of communication they like, it’s endless. They start to randomly explore their surroundings, search space for that point, and then do so systematically. Once they see a cause and effect connection, they deliberately move. The action becomes aintentional behavior´, explains the computational neuroscientistElizabeth torres, according to Europa Press.

The results of the study revealed that the children, most of whom did not use verbal language, were able tolearn your media desired and maintain that knowledge over time, that is, they were able to use movements to convey what they wanted.

Torres thus intends to develop new therapies that are not based solely on treating thesocially acceptable behaviors. In his opinion, traditional methods sought to address the sensory and motor differences of children with autism, which vary greatly from one patient to another.

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