Perseus and Medusa. Greek mythology tale for children

Perseus and Medusa. Greek mythology tale for children

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Wonderful legends, magical stories and exciting adventures is what we find in the Greek mythology which is now accessible to the little ones in the form of short, educational and fun stories.

On this occasion, the greek hero Perseus you face one of the greatest dangers. You have to end the fear imposed by Gorgon Medusa, a monster capable of turning anyone who meets his gaze to stone.

There are many Greek heroes, but the oldest were those who performed the most incredible and wonderful feats. Perseus He was one of those hefty heroes and he became famous for ending the terror imposed by the Gorgon Medusa, which turned everyone who looked at her to stone.

jellyfish It was a Gorgon, a monstrous being whose body was covered in scales, its face was all wrinkled and in its hair, instead of ringlets, it had coiled snakes that played in his head. You couldn't look Medusa in the face, not because she was hideous, but because the moment you looked at her she turned you to stone. So everyone was afraid of her.

Everyone except Perseus, which was what a Greek hero was for. So one fine day he decided to end jellyfish and free the world from turning into stone statues. But the matter was not easy and Perseus had to ask for help. It was the Greek gods who helped Perseus by giving him some gifts that he would need to defeat Medusa.

Athena gave him a shield that was both a mirror, Zeus gave him a sickle with a very sharp edge, Hermes lent him his winged sandals and Hades He left him his helmet that made him invisible. Armed with all these gifts Perseus he went to meet the Gorgon. And there he found jellyfish, walking amused while turning into stone statues everyone who was on the way.

When jellyfish sat down to rest, Perseus began his maneuver. He couldn't look into her eyes because it would turn to stone, so he used the mirror shield to control jellyfish movements. As soon as he saw her sitting and resting, Perseus put on his helmet that made him invisible, put on his winged sandals and flew off with the sickle in hand ready to cut off Medusa's head.

It was a success, because Perseus managed to cut off the head of jellyfish and keep it in an opaque bag so that it couldn't petrify anyone else. In addition, from the blood of Medusa the famous horse Pegasus was born, a flying horse that Perseus used to get home as soon as possible.

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