The Mole Sisters educational cartoons

The Mole Sisters educational cartoons

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Two little moles, who are also sisters, discover Nature that small can also be big and that details are really important. With messages like these, Topo Sisters invite us to open our eyes very wide and discover that fascinating world that is life.

These are original drawings full of values, aimed at children from 1 to 4 years old. Yes, that wonderful stage of our son (and that passes so quickly), in which he discovers, discovers, and discovers incessantly everything that surrounds him. Because life is, without a doubt, an exciting and disturbing adventure.

Respect Nature, never lose your sense of curiosity and be amazed at the little lessons of life. These are some of the messages from these drawings that we have found on a fantastic YouTube channel, and which are also based on a well-known series of stories written by Roslyn Schwartz ('The Mole Sisters'). They are cartoons thought and created for the smallest of the house. Very simple, with a clear vocabulary, bright colors and a direct message.

The Topo Sisters they are cheerful, curious and adventurous. Able to be seduced by the flight of a bee, the freshness of a drop of dew or the hypnotic flash of the first ray of sunlight. But the most important thing is that these small and friendly characters are able to communicate with the most demanding children's audience. And it also seduces the older ones. Drawings for the whole family who do not forget such important values ​​as respect for the environment, the ability to dream and imagine and optimism.

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