10 things a baby does in the womb

10 things a baby does in the womb

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The main concern of a pregnant woman is that the baby grows healthy, but in addition, it is normal for the curious about what the baby will do in the womb.

By week 18, pregnant women can already feel the baby's kicks, his elbows, sometimes his little hands and even if he has hiccups. They cannot see you but experience allows them to differentiate one movement from another towards the last trimester of pregnancy.

There are movements of the baby that will be noticeable to the mother, others will not. In any case, studies and ultrasounds reveal that Babies are capable of many other gestures in addition to kicking.

1 - Hiccups: this is a normal event due to the immaturity of the baby, whose diaphragm contracts in certain situations.

2 - Rotates on itself: in the last trimester the baby has little space left for it, but in the previous months he is able to turn up and down and from side to side.

3 - Swallow amniotic fluid: it has been proven by ultrasound that the baby swallows fluid and also, this helps to train his digestive system.

4- Pees: in the same way that he swallows, the baby can pee.

5 - Kicks: Although the baby begins to move inside the uterus from the seventh or eighth week of pregnancy, generally, the first kicks of the baby begin to be noticed between the 16th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy.

6- He sucks his thumb: ultrasounds reveal that the baby is already he sucks his finger in the uterus thus showing that it possesses the suction reflex.

7 - Listen to the noises that come from outside: studies show that you can hear what is happening outside and although the sounds reach you muffled, they can cause you to startle, stress or calm you.

8- See light: Around week 24 or 25 the baby can open his eyes. If you bring a light source close to your belly like a flashlight, it will be able to follow its flash.

9- Yawning: in the ultrasounds it has been clear that the baby yawns inside the mother's womb.

10- Dreams: the baby can dream, studies in this regard indicate that they enter the REM phase and has dreams.

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