Musical massage in the water for pregnant women

Musical massage in the water for pregnant women

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Let yourself go and imagine yourself floating lying on your belly in a pool, with your body submerged up to your ears in hot water, while listening to your favorite music. This is the new Underwater musical massage for pregnant women, a very rewarding sensory experience, which predisposes the body to rest and that could be compared to the pre-sleep state that appears when you get to bed.

However, this sensory experience goes much further, since it establishes a connection with the prenatal life, because during the nine months of gestation we live in a sound underwater universe: the amniotic fluid. The subjective dimension of music spreads within our body in the form of massage because the vibratory forms of the sound signal move using the intercellular fluids. This massage promotes body relaxation, which also reaches the mind thanks to the fun effect produced by listening to music.

The therapeutic potential of music in underwater massage is achieved thanks to a loudspeaker capable of restoring underwater an audible bandwidth without deformation of between 100 and 16,000 Hz and a musical selection that pleases the pregnant woman who is immersed in water . Relaxation and the release of tension begin to develop through the internal massage that music exerts and that moves through the intercellular fluids. Indeed, one of the objectives of underwater musical massage is to provide well-being. Musical creation helps us to regulate internal tensions and has a calming and anxiolytic effect on our sense of humor, and the massage frees us from aggression and accumulated fatigue.

During pregnancy, the fetus develops in an environment full of sounds ranging from the mother's voice to the beating of her heart. The main objective of the prenatal underwater musical massage is to seek a state of harmony between mother and baby. While the baby rests inside the amniotic sac, surrounded by water, the mother will do so in a pool at 33 degrees of temperature, where the chosen musical vibrations will resonate, at the same time that they will also resonate inside the mother's body and in the amniotic fluid where the baby is. The diversity of melodies allows the diaphragm to move towards the uterus creating rhythm and balance. This harmonization develops a series of beneficial changes for both mother and baby, among which are the development of sensations and emotions typical of this stage, the awareness and acceptance of changes in the body, the physical and emotional development of the baby and the building a healthy bond with your child.

With maternal training in water, the pregnant woman manages to develop a greater capacity for self-control, which allows her to live a healthy pregnancy and a more fluid delivery. Noemi Suriol, director of the Lenoarmi Method, from Barcelona, ​​recognizes that "as a complement, the pregnant woman can relax better if she lets herself be carried away in the water and remains in a floating state with the help of external elements such as music and the visualization of colors. For this reason, we have recently included the musical massage in the water, so that the whole body receives the vibrations of the sounds, not only the auditory system and, the chromotherapy to achieve a global experience. The idea has been to replace the action of air bubbles and water currents on the human body that the Jacuzzi uses, through music and enriching the sensory experience with chromotherapy ".

The aquatic environment is ideal to come into contact with your baby. In the water, the pregnant woman can relax better and perform movements without feeling the weight of her body. Due to the state of degravitation provided by the water, the future mother feels lighter, her movements are more fluid and without impacts at the joint level. In this way, it is easier to achieve good muscle tone, gaining strength and endurance at the same time. The training in the water manages to harmonize the movement and the physical state of the mother with the needs of the baby. Its main benefits include:

1. Prevents and eliminates heavy legs

2. Improves circulation problems

3. Relieves back pain, especially lower back pain

4. Rebalances the body and improves postural position

5. Improves oxygen delivery to the baby

6. Tones the muscles

7. Relaxes the nervous system

8. Establish a bond with the baby before birth

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