What changes in the parents' lives the arrival of a baby

What changes in the parents' lives the arrival of a baby

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Having my daughter has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Children teach us much more than we teach them. My daughter educated me in many ways, from having to organize myself to reconcile family, home and work, to being a better person. Children make us stronger. In fact, some studies reveal that one in three women manage to take care of their baby, without the help or support of their partner.

Motherhood strengthens us, makes us super-moms, and transforms our lives. What teachings do children bring us?

- The arrival of a baby increases the woman's sense of responsibility and commitment.

- Children increase the woman's capacity for sacrifice. Mothers give up many activities to be with their little one. They stop interacting with their friends, going out at night to dinner or dancing, they stop going on a weekend trip, watching TV, reading, practicing their favorite hobbies ... to be with their baby.

- There is a before and after motherhood. With the children also come more expenses, with diapers, clothes, food ... and many habits that they had before being a mother remain in the background, including life as a couple. In most cases, the arrival of children improves life as a couple.

- Women who become mothers adapt their schedules to the needs of their baby. Your free time decreases, as well as your hours of sleep.

Although we have to give up many things, I still think that motherhood makes us strong, proud and most of the time, it makes you feel complete and complete. The concept of justice is changed, and all the sacrifice turns to satisfaction when you see your baby babble, smile, speak or walk for the first time.

In addition to me, personally, being a mother helped me to be a better daughter. The relationship with my mother is much more intense and egalitarian, since my daughter was born.

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