How to educate bullies

How to educate bullies

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A bully child is a child who can cause bullying very easily because although bullying is another different issue that must be taken into account in all classrooms, the bullying child is more common in schools and playgrounds. The abusive child can be very young and it is that in the classes of children of 3 and 4 years old it is possible to begin to differentiate this role among small school societies.

If your child is a bullying child or if you work in a school and you have a child who behaves inappropriately, you should not ignore this behavior, because if you do, you will be allowing it. When one child abuses another, the bullied child becomes a victim and suffers, therefore the idea that 'it is a child's thing' must be banished forever.

It is easy to spot a bullying child, because his behavior and personality will give him away easily. A bullying child hits, bites, pushes, insults, teases, takes things from you, cheats, etc. They feel that what they do is funny things, accepted and that it will help them to have more friends, when the reality is totally different. When another child cries because of him he feels stronger because you think you are in control of the situation.

The reality behind a bullying child is usually quite harsh. A bullying child sometimes becomes this way because they are behaviors that he has seen at home or that he may have suffered directly. It may also be that you have problems at home, that you are unsafe, with low personality, that you are going through a difficult transition in your family life or that no one has ever set clear limits and rules for you.

A bullying child should have rules and limits and they should be found at home and at school. It is the adult's duty to modify this behavior so that it does not get worse over time, because it not only affects the victims of abusive children; the abuser himself will have negative consequences (social and emotional) in the future.

Here are some important tips on what to do when faced with a bullying child:

-Detect it

- To intervene

- Talk to the bullying child and find out the reason for his behavior (does he have problems? Is he unsafe?)

- Make him see that he is not alone and that the victim is also important

- Set an example

Do you know a bullying child at your children's school or do you remember one clearly? What do you think is the best method of action?

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