When is Father's Day celebrated in the world

When is Father's Day celebrated in the world

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The tribute to 'papa' changes from day to country


In Ecuador Father's Day is celebrated on third Sunday in June, date that moved from the original celebration on August 23. It is the perfect day to spend with the family.

It is customary in Ecuador to make handmade gifts for the little ones, details that excite any parent and that recognize their work as caregivers of the whole family.

Following the North American tradition, In Venezuela Father's Day is celebrated the third Sunday of June. It is a day to share with the family and pay tribute to the father figure.

As in other neighboring countries, the celebration of Father's Day is the most emotional and is one of the most important moments to strengthen family ties.

In Chile they also celebrate Father's Day the third Sunday of June. It is a day to recognize the paternal work on the part of the whole family, although it is the little ones who live the party the most.

A beautiful way to pay homage to the father figure is to congratulate him with a poem or with some beautiful words that come from the heart. And that is the best gift for any parent.

Argentina It presents the particularity of celebrating Father's Day on two different dates. There are those who follow the tradition arrived from North America, the third Sunday of June.

But other families prefer to celebrate this day August 17, the date on which the death of José de San Martín, the 'father of the country', is commemorated.

Father's Day in Peru takes place too the third sunday in june, as in many other parts of the world. The father is honored for his care and dedication to his children.

It is customary in Peru to taste a traditional meal and the whole family offers gifts to the father, most of them made with their own hands by the little ones.

Is he second sunday in august when is Father's Day celebrated in Brazil, a party in style in which the father's love and dedication to his family is highlighted.

In addition to the gifts that cannot be missed on a date like this, it is customary to spend Father's Day doing family activities that promote unity and family ties.

In colombia they also follow the North American tradition to celebrate Father's Day which occurs the third sunday in june. That day the father figure is celebrated in style.

As in other neighboring countries, in Colombia it is customary to give gifts to the father of the family or to any father figure in the family, such as grandparents, uncles or stepparents.

Father's Day in Mexico it is celebrated on the same date as in the US, the third Sunday of June, perhaps because of the proximity between the two countries. The party is of great importance throughout Mexico.

The schools prepare for a few weeks before and the teachers help the little ones to prepare the surprise for their parents. That Sunday, the whole family celebrates Father's Day together with surprises and gifts.

In USA Father's Day is celebrated the third Sunday of June. The origin of this festival is not religious, as it happens in other countries, but is due to a particular person, William Jackson Smart.

This man took care of his 6 children alone when his wife died and his eldest daughter wanted to thank him for his efforts by paying tribute to him. What in principle was a celebration of a particular family, gradually became Father's Day throughout the country.

In Spain, Father's Day is celebrated March 19th for being the name day of Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus. Although the celebration has a religious origin in origin, today all families celebrate this day as a family.

It is a tradition to gather the whole family around a good table and give gifts to the father. The little ones prepare crafts for weeks at school to give them to their dad just this Father's Day.

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